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Mintcraft GT930AS Trowel

Stainless Steel - 13-3/4" long
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  • Stainless steel trowel
  • Ergonomic handle provides better grip
  • End loop to hang tool on pegboard
  • Length: 13 3/4"
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Part NumberGT930AS

Additional Information

The Garden Trowel by MIntcraft is the perfect choice for anybody looking for an inexpensive garden trowel. Made of Stainless Steel, this trowel is the choice for use in garden soil that is not too rocky. The ergonomic handle design offers not only a better grip but also a more comfortable one, allowing for less fatigue on the hand.


The Mintcraft Garden Trowel, ORP GT930AS, comes with a built-in end loop for easy hanging of the tool on a peg board. It is 13 ¾” in length.

  • Built-in end loop
  • Made of Stainless Steel
  • 13 ¾” in length

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