Fuel Containers by Brand & Price

With several dozen options to choose from, find the perfect no spill gas can at EquipSupply.com to prevent spills leading to potentially dangerous accidents. Fuel containers and accessories are available in brands like Justrite, National Spencer, NO-SPILL, SafetySticker, and Todd Enterprises.


Typically, spills occur by tipping a normal can to get the spout into the tank, or removing the spout from the vessel before overflowing. These no spill containers are user controlled so individuals can tip the can, insert the spout, and press the button to begin pouring. The auto-stop removable nozzle reduces the risk of spilling gas. Seventy percent thicker than most cans, you have an extra layer of protection from accidental spilling with the red no spill gas can. It comes in 1.25 gallon, 2.5 gallon, and 5-gallon options.


Applications include activities where backup gas may be needed like boating, hunting, and fishing. Use at construction sites and workshops to clearly designate sensitive liquids. Homeowners may also want to store backup gas in case of an emergency.


No spill cans are also available for kerosene (blue), diesel (yellow), and other liquids (translucent). Safety and PSE accessories include auto stop funnels, gaskets for no spill nozzle and cap, flexible extensions, caddies, hand pumps, spouts, and more. Each product complies with specific safety standards.


These no spill vessels include instructions and safety precautions that are clearly visible on the exterior of each container. Read and follow these guidelines to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.