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Comparing the Old & New Farmer's Almanac: Which one is more accurate?

Old & New Farmers Almanac

The Old Farmer’s Almanac and The Farmers’ Almanac have been predicting, or attempting to predict, the weather since the time of George Washington.

The almanacs forecast weather as far as 18 months ahead in some cases. How accurate are these predictions? That depends who you ask. Meteorologists are skeptical of the almanacs’ weather forecasting methods, while others swear by them. Each almanac sells about 4 million copies every year. So, which can you trust?

The following infographic compares the history, methods, and 2017 weather predictions to help you decide whether you want to follow The Old Farmer’s Almanac or The Farmer’s Almanac … or just stick to your phone’s weather apps. Read more

Flipping a Football Field: How do they do it?

Flipping Football Fields

Before the first touchdown, before kickoff, in fact even before the first fan enters the stadium, the game has already begun. Maintaining the sports stadiums that host the 32 teams of the National Football League is a full-time sport all its own. Here’s a look at what goes into keeping the grass green long after summer ends, and just how those end zone graphics are kept so freshly painted week after week. Read more

A Clean Slate: Restoring Dignity to your Garage

Clean Slate Infographic

Cleaning out your garage might seem like an impossible task. It’s daunting to throw out all of the junk that has accumulated over the years. But, what if there are valuables hidden in your heaps of stuff? Don’t be a hoarder. It’s time to clean the clutter and restore your garage to its former glory. Read more

Polar Vortex 2.0

Polar Vortex infographic

Last winter was one of the coldest on record thanks to the Polar Vortex that enveloped most of America. This year is shaping up to be just as, if not more frigid than last. How is a Polar Vortex formed and what can you expect this winter season? We’ve compiled some facts and figures about…Read more

The Evolution of Beer

History of Beer infographic

Today, we live in a world full of small craft breweries and giant beer corporations. How have we gotten here? The history is full of astonishing facts and rich stories, and the road to where we are today is more interesting than you may think...Read more

Wedding Planners

Wedding Planner infographic

Behind Every Fairytale Wedding is a Fairy Godmother! Read more

Music Festivals

Music Festival infographic

With the festival season well underway, millions of fans around the world are loading up their tents and coolers and shelling out cash to travel to top parties of the summer. From Ancient Greece to Lollapalooza, get a look at some of the biggest music festivals in the world, the current trends in festival attendance,… Read more

DIY Disaster Survival

DIY Survival infographic

Disaster has a tendency to strike when we least expect it. A natural (or man made) disaster rarely gives you a warning before turning everything you know and love upside down, leaving you with very little to protect you against its elements. That’s why it pays to take a page out of the Macgyver manual… Read more

A Handy Man is a Manly Man

Handy Man infographic

There is more to being a man than watching football and eating steak. Real men are helpful, real men fix things, real men use their hands to better the world around them. Here are give nuggets of information to usher any man down the proper path of manliness. Read more

March Madness vs. NBA Finals

March Madness infographic

Fans of basketball love both NCAA’s March Madness and NBA’s Playoffs, but which is the superior end to a season? Let’s let the numbers decide! Read more

College Gameday Traditions

College Football Gameday infographic

It’s that time of the year again, the end of summer and the beginning of college football! Check out our latest infographic below. We celebrate and maybe poke a little fun at some of the more exciting, coordinated, intimidating, theatric and straight bizarre college game day traditions found across the country! Read more

The Calamity of Construction

June is Safety Month infographic

June’s National Safety Awareness Month. What better way to celebrate by debuting our latest infographic, which we have appropriately titled The Calamity of Construction: Preventing Pitfalls in America’s Most Dangerous Jobs. Read more