• Kwik Covers

    Kwik Covers

    6' & 8' rectangle and 60" round sizes available in 14 colors!

    Don't get frustrated with ordinary covers. Kwik Covers have elastic in the seams ensuring a quick setup and won't blow away!

  • Scare away those theives!

    Scare away those theives!

    Upgrade your outside security with new LED lights

    Maincenance-free LED bulb provides up to 35,000 hours of life

  • Wilton Hammer & Vise Set

    Wilton Hammer & Vise Set

    4lb. hammer & vise combo kit

    The B.A.S.H Vise and Hammer Combo by Wilton is the ideal choice for anyone needing a smaller hammer and a vise grip.

  • Orca chest coolers and chasers

Wilton 3-Piece Hammer Set

Complete set of hammers for any need

Wilton Hammer Set


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Kwik Covers Tablecloths

Kwik Covers

Why struggle taping and securing traditional table covers that can blow away in the wind or move when someone sits down? Kwik Covers feature elastic sewn into the edges making for a super quick setup and tear down!
Buy today!

  • Available in 14 different colors
  • Choose from 6 or 8' rectangle or 60" round
  • Great for single or multiple time use

14" & 18" Outdoor Fans

Stay cool on your deck this summer!

14" & 18" Outdoor Fans


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