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Shipp Tent Cleaner

1 Gallon Containers
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  • The Shipp Tent cleaner is diluted 1 to 10 for very dirty
  • tents, and up to 1 to 30 for light dirt films. The traditional methods of cleaning tents are: 1. Sponge, mop, or brush cleaning 2. Rotary buffer 3. Pressure washer
  • The Only Tent Cleaner Approved by a Major Vinyl Fabric Manufacturer
  • 4 gallons per carton
  • Removes mildew stains and penetrates dirt film
  • Can be used with a pressure washer while tent is up or manually
  • with tent spread on the ground
More Information
Part NumberTC789
BrandShipp Cleaning

Additional Information

This Tent Cleaner by Shipp is the choice for general tent cleaning products. The tent cleaner is concentrated for dilution: 1part solution to 10 parts water for heavy soil/mildew up to 1 part solution to 30 parts water for light cleaning. The solution is safe for all cleaning methods, including pressure washers, and it is formulated to remove the toughest mildew stains and penetrate heavily soiled areas.


The Tent Cleaner, MTC TC789, is sold individually. Please order Qty. four (4) if wanting a case.

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