Little Giant MicroBurst 3' Step Ladder

Little Giant MicroBurst 3' Step Ladder

Fiberglass Step Ladder

Part Number: MTC 15703-001

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  • Easy to store & easy to carry
  • Less wind resistance when on a ladder rack
  • High-strength steel alloy
  • StableLock spreader system
  • Fiberglass construction is ideal for work on electrical circuits
  • Rated to hold 375 lbs.
  • ANSI rating type IAA
  • Rung size 3"
  • Weight is 13.5 lbs
  • 2 steps


Part Number 15703-001
Size N/A
Product Condition New
Brand Little Giant

Additional Information

The Little Giant MicroBurst 3’ Step Ladder is redefining the traditional A-Frame ladder. The MicroBurst utilizes the patent pending StableLock spreader system, which locks the ladder securely in place. This creates a solid A-Frame, which gives no room for the ladder to walk or shift. Also, the unique FoldFlat technology makes storage, set-up and carrying easy. As the ladder folds, the top cap pivots and the rails fit neatly inside each other, providing a slim 3 ½” profile for carrying and storage.


The Little Giant MicroBurst 3’ Step Ladder, MTC 15703-001, is constructed of fiberglass. The wide flare legs give added lateral stability. This 3’ ladder is type 1AA (375 lbs. rated).