Scented Kerosene Additive

Scented Kerosene Additive

Sold as a Mixed Case of 24

Part Number: CAN A08

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  • Will help elimate water and reduce odor
  • One bottle treats 80 gallons
  • For wick heaters only


Part Number A08
Size N/A
Product Condition New
Brand CUI

Additional Information

The A08 case of 24 mixed scented kerosene additives from will help to eliminate odors, reduces water in the fuel tank and promotes the life of your wick heater. The A08kerosene mixed scented additive of 24 bottles from are packaged in an 8 oz bottles, and each bottle will treat 80 gallons. The A08 case of 24 bottles from comes in four different scents of six bottles each. So pick your bottle of holly berry,pine, rose or honeysuckle, and not your battle, while burning your kerosene wick heater.

  • Eliminates orders
  • Helps eliminate water in the fuel tank

  • A single bottle will treat 80 gallons

  • Case of 24 scented kerosene additives

  • Each case comes with 6 of each of the following scents:

    • A09HB – Holly berry 8 oz scent additive

    • A09P – Pine Scent 8 oz scent additive

    • A09R – Rose 8 oz scent additive

    • A09H – Honeysuckle 8 oz scent additive

  • A60 – Battery Siphon

For kerosene wick heaters only

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