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Siphon Pumps, Manual

Card of 12 Units, Suggest 52S (Single Packaged Pumps)
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  • Large ball type siphon
  • Quick Siphon
  • Length of siphon tube 15"
  • Length of fuel filler tube 21"
  • Can be used with any fuel type
  • Plastic
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Part NumberA40

Additional Information

The CAN A40, manual siphon pump, from is a safe and clean way to transfer any type of fuel from the container to the heater or any type of engine that uses fuel. The A40 manual operated siphon pump from conveniently comes 12 on a hanger. The CAN A40manual siphon pump is also know by the following model numbers; A40, 52P, and 52S. Remember when you need a way to transfer your fuel without mess or aggravation and a minimal effort, make sure you have the CAN A40 manual operated siphon pump from to help you get the job done.

  • Large ball type siphon
  • Siphon tube length is 15”
  • Siphon fuel filter tube length is 21”
  • Safe, easier, fast, and clean transfer of any fuel type
  • Plastic
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