Little Chiller Table - Black

Little Chiller Table - Black

Chillin' Products 2' x 4' Ice Chilling Table

Part Number: MTC 1LCT8516

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  • Made from high-density polyethylene
  • Powder coated steel legs
  • Weight capacity - 350 lbs
  • Inside dimensions - 44" x 20" x 3-1/2" well depth
  • 2 stage drain system
  • Collapseable for easy storage


Part Number 1LCT8516
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Brand Chillin Products

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Need an extra outdoor refrigerator when you are entertaining? The MTC 1LCT8516 black little chiller table from gives you that extra hand when it comes to keeping your food cold and safe. The innovative design of the black Fill ‘N Chill party table MTC 1LCT8516 from allows you to fill with up to 35 pounds of ice, and is able to hold up to 350lbs of food, drink, and ice combined. The MTC 1LCT8516 from is made of high density polyethylene with power-coated steel legs. The MTC 1LCT8516 is designed to be used for picnics, family reunions, birthdays, graduations, and meetings. A snap to set up and easy to clean the 1LCT8516 black little chiller table from will become a staple in your entertaining time and time again. The MTC 1LCT0516 from is also stackable with other little chiller tables making storage, and transportation much simpler. Go on and get your chill on with the Fill ‘N Chill little chiller table in black from

  • Rugged, lightweight construction

  • Durable, and easy to clean

  • FDA approved, polyethylene table top

  • Interior dimensions 48inches X 24 inches X 3.5 -1/2 inches deep

  • Stackable design for convenient storage

  • Easily transportable in a mini-van or SUV

  • Tapered bottom with centrally located drain

  • Holds up to 35 pounds of ice

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