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Ground Fault Circuit

Interrupter (GFCI)
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  • 9" pigtail, just plug it in
  • Grounded neutral protection
  • Open neutral protection
  • Mechanical trip indicator
  • 120V / 15amp
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Part Number14380
BrandTower Mfg.

Additional Information

The Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter is a necessary product to have when using machinery or tools that are subject to moisture, whether indoor or outdoor.  This GFCI will provide protection from both ground faults and open neutral conditions.  It is equipped with a manual reset so equipment will not start unsafely following power interruption.  This plug is constructed with an impact-resistant case for durability and safety, as well as a red LED indicator to show when the power is on.


The 120V/15amp Ground Fault Circuit Indicator, ELE 14380, also comes equipped with test and reset buttons for periodic testing of the device.  The temperature rating is from -31oF to +150oF.  The 9” pigtail connects to the power cord of most electrical tool or machinery

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