5" Dust Buddie

5" Dust Buddie

5" Dust Buddie By Dustless

Part Number: MTC D1835

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  • Fits most 4"-9" hand grinders
  • Universal adapter
  • 18" hose
  • Removable front edge of shroud
  • for grinding close to edge


Part Number D1835
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Product Condition New
Brand Dustless Technologies

Additional Information

The MTC D1835 5” Dust Buddie Dust Shroud captures up to 99% of the dust created by a hand grinder – before it escapes into the air. Designed for use with the Dustless Wet/Dry Vacuum, this dust control shroud fits most hand grinders. It is quick and easy to install. With its brush skirt, adjustable height, and removable front lip, the 5” Dust Buddie performs smoothly and accurately.


This 5” Dust Buddie with universal adapter, and 18” hose is designed to capture fine dust from sanding and grinding masonry, metal, and other materials. It is designed to eliminate messy clean up.


The 5” Dust Buddie helps protect workers' health and saves time and money on cleanup. The tool has a strategically placed port that attaches to the Dustless Wet Dry Vacuum, which is specifically designed to capture extremely fine dust before it enters your environment.


The 5” Dust Buddie fits most 4”-5” hand grinders, including Makita, Bosch, DeWalt, and more. Three adjustable spring screws control the height of the Dust Buddie, so users can quickly accommodate different grinding wheels and discs. Simply remove the existing guard from the grinder, slip on the Dust Buddie, tighten the band clamp, and adjust the height.


It is made of durable, clear polycarbonate for visibility. The shroud rides on a spring cushion, keeping the grinder flat so that dust won't escape. A short brush skirt improves lateral motion for grinding on uneven or textured surfaces.


For further convenience, the shroud's front lip slides out so you can use the device against a wall. The front lip will easily snap back into place for a quick return to work. And if you're performing tuck-pointing, decorative concrete cutting, or crack chasing, you can add an optional cover plate to help get the job done.



  • Fits most 4”-9” hand grinders; can adjust height with screws
  • Simple to install
  • Clear polycarbonate for improved visibility and durability
  • Removable front edge of shroud for grinding close to the wall or edge


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