Industrial Paint Supplies & Brushes

For the best names in industrial paint supplies, look no further than EquipSupply. 3M, Wooster, Earlex, Valspar, Linzer, PMC Marketing, and Aervoe are some of the most sought after brands we bring to professional contractors, or those who simply need a quality paint product for an at-home DIY project. From marking paint to primer, brushes to rollers, sprayers to painter's tape, and even survey paint and red striping paint, we carry a vast inventory of paint products and tools to get the job done, whatever it is.


Whether you are looking for something long-lasting that you can use on the job for years to come or a sprayer for simple use around the home that doesn't need all the high-end bells and whistles an industrial style paint sprayer offers, EquipSupply has something for you. From our one-time use, disposable sprayers to our plastic stainless steel, you'll find the sprayer to get your professional or DIY job handled.


For the largest jobs to the smallest, all painters need quality supplies to get the job at hand done correctly, on time, and in a fashion that will last. To this end, EquipSupply offers our consumers paint from Valspar and a number of paintbrushes, rollers, sprayers, spray-on markers, tape, and other industrial paint supplies to ensure when you do your job, everything looks its best. And don’t forget the painter’s tape!