32oz. 14" Bash Ball Pein Hammer

32oz. 14" Bash Ball Pein Hammer

B.A.S.H. Ball Pein Hammer

Part Number: MTC 33214

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  • Safety Plate prevents head from dislodging
  • Anti-Vibe Neck with tapered design eliminates vibration from
  • striking
  • No-Slip Grip made from vulcanized rubber ensures a secure hold
  • Unbreakable Handle Technology - Steel core eliminates breaking
  • during overstrikes


Part Number 33214
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Product Condition New
Brand Wilton

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The B.A.S.H. ® Ball Pein Hammer from Wilton is the choice for anybody who uses a hammer on a regular basis. Manufactured with the same B.A.S.H. ® quality as their sledge hammers, this Ball Pein hammer will not disappoint! Tested with tens of thousands of strikes, this hammer features the Unbreakable ® Handle Technology – a steel core which eliminates breaking during overstrikes. The anti-vibe neck with its tapered design eliminates vibration due to striking, which means less fatigue and injury on the jobsite. The No-Slip Grip is made from vulcanized rubber and ensures a secure hold.


The B.A.S.H. ® Ball Pein Hammer, MTC 33214, is constructed with a safety plate, preventing the head from dislodging when striking. This hammer is ideal for bending, forming, light forging, and peining. The hammer weighs 32 ounces and is 14” in length, and comes with the Wilton green head.

  • Unbreakable ® Handle Technology
  • No-Slip Grip
  • Ideal for bending, forming, light forging, and peining