50' x 3/8" Red Goodyear Air Hose

50' x 3/8" Red Goodyear Air Hose

By GRIP Products

Part Number: MTC 12674

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  • Weather, oil and solvent resistant outer coating
  • Solid brass, 1/4" NPT end fittings
  • Spiral synthetic yarn reinforcement
  • Maximum operating pressure - 250 PSI
  • Maximum burst pressure - 1070 PSI
  • Made in USA


Part Number 12674
Color N/A
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Product Condition New
Brand Goodyear

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This red air hose is one of the best choices in air hoses. The hose is constructed with a Class C oil/solvent/weather resistant EPDM rubber cover, making this an ideal choice for repair shops and at home. The Goodyear air hose also has spiral synthetic yarn reinforcement. The maximum operating pressure is rated at 250 PSI, while the burst pressure is rated at 1070 PSI.


The 50’ X 3/8” Red Goodyear Air Hose, MTC 12674, comes equipped with solid brass ¼” NPT end fittings and is manufactured in the USA.