Blue Survey Marking Paint

Blue Survey Marking Paint

Survey Marking Paint

Part Number: SAF 203P

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Product Description
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  • Upside_down marking paint
  • lasting mark ofup to 6 months
  • non-freezing formula, operational to 14 degrees F
  • 17oz can - net weight
  • APWA approved


Part Number 203P
Size N/A
Product Condition New
Brand Aervoe

Additional Information

This Blue Survey Marking Paint is an outstanding upside-down paint used for survey marking. This paint provides extraordinary quality in terms of visibility and durability. The paint is produced with a non-freezing formula, and it is operational down to 14o F (-10 C). Depending on the surface, the mark will last up to 6 months, and the high delivery rate of the paint is 30% greater than other paints.


The Blue Marking paint, SAF 203P, is designed for use with a marking stick or spot marker, but it also can be used without any tool. This paint is APWA approved. It comes in a 17 ounce can.

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