WypAll Waterless Hand Wipes

WypAll Waterless Hand Wipes

75 ct Bucket, Green Wipes

Part Number: MTC 91371

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  • Color: Green
  • Cleaning Agent Is Tough On Grease, Grime, Ink and Paint
  • Smooth On One Side For Wiping; Tough On The Other For Scrubbing
  • 75 Count Bucket


Part Number 91371
Color N/A
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Product Condition New
Brand Kimberly-Clark

Additional Information

Some commercial jobsites are particularly dirty, requiring industrial hand wipes to remove grit, grime or oil off your hands and arms after a hard day’s work. Worksites such as large commercial building sites, road construction, even auto mechanic shops, need a heavy duty cleaner to get your hands clean after putting in long hours using dirty materials or equipment for much of the day. WypAll Hand Wipes are particularly effective in removing what would otherwise be hard-to-clean grimy and soiled skin and don’t require water.

Common Soils WypAll Hand Wipes Removes

WypAll Hand Wipes are waterless industrial hand wipes manufactured by Kimberly Clark, a leader in the cleaning world. These wipes are made with a dual textured wiping surface that effectively removes a wide range of soils, such as oil, ink, grease, tar, grime and paint. Painters find them particularly effective, as do printers who work with and around large amounts of ink throughout the day. In addition, road crews working around tar, asphalt and blacktop find them equally effective, as do roofers after a long day affixing shingles using thick and sticky adhesives.

Versatility And Convenient Packaging

One tremendous benefit in using WypAll Hand Wipes is that they do not require water. As a waterless wiping cleanser, they can be used outdoors or inside. Their natural d-limonene cleaning agent combines with their dual textured feature, with one side smooth and the other side rough, which makes them able to remove difficult grime or stains. Plus, these industrial hand wipes are made with an alcohol-free formula that aids in moisturizing skin. Each WypAll Hand Wipes container comes in a handy 75 count bucket for easy transport.

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