The Deck Demon

The Deck Demon

Deck Demolition Tool By Angel Guard

Part Number: ORP 6004

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  • Reduces time and labor
  • Maximum leverage saves your back
  • Single & double joist compatible
  • No damage to existing structure with patented rocker design
  • Commercial grade, all-steel construction


Part Number 6004
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Brand Angel Guard

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The Ultimate Tool for Deck Demolition


Contractors and home owners both love the Deck Demon because it blasts through the demolition phase of the project, and gets them to what really matters... construction.


Why Use the Deck Demon?

  • Blast through demolition. Remove decking on a 12' by 12' deck in under 25 minutes.
  • Keeps contractors building. The faster a contractor or home owner can get through demoltion the sooner they can begin construction... and buying materials.
  • Versatility. At just 8 pounds, this rugged tool can be used to remove any number of materials, like decking, strapping, fence boards and siding.
  • Work from a standing position. The goal is to wreck the deck, not your back.