Rain-X Headlight Restoration Kit

Rain-X Headlight Restoration Kit

By ITW Global

Part Number: ORP 800001809

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  • Helps restore clear plastic by removing haze and discoloration
  • Improves visibility with clearer headlight lenses
  • Multi-step kit provides a deeper cleaning process than single step
  • products
  • Don't replace headlights when you can restore them
  • Provides a deep clean to yellowed, hazed headlights with the use of
  • a specially designed polish and sealant
  • Rain-X kit contains the lubricant and 3 grain-levels of sandpaper,
  • polish with headlight restorer cream and sealant towelettes to finish the job
  • Removes haze and yellow tint


Part Number 800001809
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Product Condition New
Brand ITW Global Brands

Additional Information

Over time the headlight lenses of a vehicle can become oxidized, rendering them hazy and yellow. This causes them to shine less brightly, which is dangerous for the driver and others on the road. The Rain-X Headlight Restoration Kit is the ideal choice for vehicle owners who need to restore the clear plastic of their headlights by removing haze and discoloration. Don’t pay to replace headlights that are dirty and worn when they can easily be restored!


This multi-step process provides a deeper cleaning than traditional one-step products. With the use of a specially designed polish and sealant, the headlights of your car, truck, van, or motorcycle will get the deep clean it needs. First, you’ll utilize the sandpaper to scuff the lens. Then use the restoring cream to penetrate and restore them. Finally, finish the job with sealant towelettes to protect the restored headlights.


The restoration kit (Product Number: ORP 800001809) comes with lubricant, 3 grain-levels of sandpaper, polish (with headlight restorer cream), and sealant towelettes.


Use the kit for both personal and commercial vehicles.