Rain-X, 7oz Bottle

Rain-X, 7oz Bottle

Windshield Glass Treatments

Part Number: ORP RX11212

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  • Dramatically improves wet weather driving visibility, with and
  • without wipers
  • Repels rain, sleet, and snow, frost, salt, mud, bugs and grime.
  • Windshield Glass Treatments
  • Invisible
  • Rain-X
  • Size 7oz


Part Number RX11212
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Brand ITW Global Brands

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We all know that not every day can be sunny and 78 degrees outside. Mother Nature interferes from time to time making driving in the elements a challenge. When you have to outsmart Mother Nature as she throws rain, sleet, snow, frost and fog your way, what do you do? Reach for the Rain-X glass treatment ORP RX11212 also known as 079118040645 from equipsupply.com to help you improve your visibility in wet weather driving. The RX11212 from equipsupply.com forms an invisible coating on your windshield which allows water beads to roll off and allows greater visibility while driving. Go on and have that Sunday drive when conditions are the best, and even when they are not. Just drive responsibly, and make sure to use the ORP RX11212 Rain-X windshield glass treatment from equipsupply.com before your trip.

  • Reduces water, snow, frost and fog build up
  • Allows water beads to wick off windshield
  • 7oz bottle
  • Improves weather visibility allowing for safe driving
  • Apply Rain-X in temperatures above 40 degrees F
  • Can be used on Glass (not etched glass or plastic) shower doors and bathroom mirrors