Pennzoil Fix-A-Flat, 20oz Can, Large Tire

Pennzoil Fix-A-Flat, 20oz Can, Large Tire

Puncture Sealers

Part Number: ORP S60430

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  • Seals up to 1/4" punctures
  • Eco-friendly formula
  • Repairs and inflates in seconds
  • No jacks or tools requires
  • Tire sensor safe


Part Number S60430
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Product Condition New
Brand ITW Global Brands

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The Fix-A-Flat by Pennzoil is a must-have for anyone traveling by car. The new and improved eco-friendly formula seals up to ¼” punctures. Simply connect the inflation tube to the air valve stem and inflate: no jacks or tools are needed! The tire is inflated and repaired in seconds. After use, please inflate tire to proper air pressure (usually after driving a few miles) as the can will only inflate tire enough to get the vehicle back on the road. This product is NOT intended as a permanent fix. Please repair/replace tire as soon as possible.


The Pennzoil Fix-A-Flat, ORP S60430, comes in a 20 ounce can and is intended for large passenger car tires. It is tire sensor safe.

  • NOT intended as a permanent fix
  • Intended for large passenger car tires
  • Eco-friendly