Ignitor, Silicon Nitride 120v, Special Compound

Ignitor, Silicon Nitride 120v, Special Compound

Heavy Duty Hot Surface Igniter, Special Compound

Part Number: DES PP200SC

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  • Alternative to the PP200 or HA1000
  • Heavy-duty design
  • Less fragile than other igniters


Part Number PP200SC
Color N/A
Size N/A
Product Condition New
Brand DESA

Additional Information

The PP200SC hot surface ignitor from EquipSupply.com is a heavy-duty silicon carbide hot surface ignitor (HSI) designed to replace all original PP200 and HA1000 hot surface ignitors.

The PP200SC is a heavy duty replacement for these DESA and REDDY part numbers: PP200, HA1000, 102337-03, 102548-01, 102548-03, 102548-06, and the 102548-07. Most of these ignitors have yellow wires. Some of the older Hot Surface Ignitor’s that the PP200SC is replacing have other colors, which include, but are not limited to red, purple, and gray wires. Why continue to use fragile version of the PP200 or HA1000? Replace these parts with the well-built PP200SC model. This part is CSA approved and UL listed.

The following is a partial list of many compatible, common portable heaters:

R35D, R35E, R40, R40T, R55A, R55B, R55BT, R60, R70D, R70DT, R110B, R110BT, R110C, R110CT, R115, R115C, R115CT, R115T, R155B, R155C, R165A, R165AT, R165CT, R200A, R200AT, R200B, RC40, RC55T, RC70T, RC115CT, RC115T, RC165CT, RC165T, RH125T, RH170T, RH200T, RHD125T, RHD170T, RHD200T, RL125T, RL170T, RL200T, RM60, RM115, RM115C, RM115CT, RM155, RM155C, RM200AT, RM200BT. B50H, B50J, B55, B55BT, B55CT, B60, B70D, B70DT, B110B, B110BT, B115, B115CT, B115T, B150J, B150JT, B155CT, B155T, B165A, B165AT, B165CT, B200AT, B200BT, BC40, BC55T, BC70T, BC115CT, BC115T, BC165CT, BC165T, M125T, M170T, M200T, REM35B, REM35C, REM40, REM50C, REM55A, REM55B, REM60, REM110B, REM110BT, REM115, REM115C, REM115T, REM150E, REM155B, REM155C, REM200AT, REM200BT, RE125T, RE170T, RE200T.