DeWALT 10 kW High, 7 kW Low Electric Heater

DeWALT 10 kW High, 7 kW Low Electric Heater

Forced-Air Electric Heater with Thermostat

Part Number: ENE DXH1000TS

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  • Killowatts - 10kW (hi) / 7kW (low)
  • BTU/HR - 34,121 (hi) / 22,861 (low)
  • 240v / single phase
  • Minimum breaker - 2 pole 50 amp (hi) / 30 amp (low)
  • No monitoring, can be operated unattended
  • No fumes or open flames
  • Unit includes adjustable thermostat
  • Durable heavy-duty construction
  • Extra coil support


Part Number DXH1000TS
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Brand DeWALT

Additional Information

This 10kW High, 7 kW Low Electric Heater from DeWALT provides exceptional heating capacity, for a variety of locations including patios, garages and decks. Perfect for keeping the crew warm on commercial, residential, or industrial job sites the DeWALT electric heater (ENE DXH1000TS) offers clean, energy-efficient heat without having to ever run out of fuel.

The focused spout allows users to direct heat where it is most needed and the variable heating function controls temperatures through its built-in thermostat, economically and efficiently, drawing on 22,861 to 34,121 BTUs of heat. The heating element cycles on and off to maintain the set temperature.

Features of the DeWALT Electric Heater:

  • Killowatts - 10kW (hi) / 7kW (low)
  • BTU/HR - 34,121 (hi) / 22,861 (low)
  • Output (CFM): 350
  • Two Stage Operation connects to a 100A or 60A breaker. 100A service provides high or low heat outputs.
  • No fumes or open flames
  • Thermostatically controlled 240V single phase input
  • Environmentally clean heat source reducing carbon footprint
  • Made using heavy-duty construction for rugged environments
  • Burner coils are supported at both the top and bottom to reduce transport noise and provide extra support for increased coil life
  • Recessed controls provide protection for switches and knobs
  • Designed and certified as an unattended source of jobsite heat
  • Fan only setting for circulating air on the jobsite.