Heatstar Nomad 190K Dual Fuel Direct-Fired Tent Heater

Heatstar Nomad 190K Dual Fuel Direct-Fired Tent Heater

NOMAD Box Heater By Heatstar

Part Number: ENE HS190TC

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  • 190K BTU heater is perfect for tent or construction use
  • 115V 5.5 amp circuit
  • Easy to reset limit switch doesn't require access to interior
  • Thermostat with 20' cord
  • Included regulator with 15' hose
  • Convenient high/low operating switch
  • Carton Dim. 37.5"L x 28.5"W x 39.25"H
  • MA Plumbers Board Number: G1-0216-320


Part Number HS190TC
Color N/A
Size N/A
Product Condition New
Brand Heatstar

Additional Information

The 190K NOMAD heater from HeatStar is the leading heater when looking for a medium BTU tent heater.  The NOMAD series is built in the USA, and it is able to be used with either Natural Gas or Liquid Propane.  No need to buy separate heaters!  A simple “flip of a switch” will change the setting from NG to LP. Even while the heater is running, this 190K NOMAD series has two heat settings (low and high) that can be used.  Simply move the control from one setting to the other.  The working low setting is 129/127K BTU (NG/LP) and the working high setting is 184/190K BTU (NG/LP).  It also has an output of 1600 CFM.


The 190K Dual Fuel Direct-Fired Heater, ENE HS190TC, comes equipped with a 15’ hose & regulator and a thermostat with a 20’ cord.  The heater controls are recessed, keeping them safer from accidental damage.  The heater also comes equipped with an easy reset high limit switch.  For those times when something might be blocking the air flow and the heater shuts off, simply wait a few seconds and press the restart.  No need to wait minutes for the heater to be ready to be restarted!


This NOMAD series tent heater has optional ducting that can be used, but it may also be used with LBW Premier Series ducting!  There is also an optional steel storage box that can be attached on the top of the unit for the hose, regulator and thermostat.  Its dimensions are 35 ¾” X 20 ¼” X 34 ¾”.


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