EZ Smart Electric Gutter Cleaner (18 Volt Lithium Ion)

EZsmart Gutter Cleaner (18 Volt Lithium Ion)

Battery Powered Leaf Blower for Gutters

Part Number: ORP GC18

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  • Heavy duty durable design
  • Adjustable front air nozzle for variable output
  • Fits all standard sized extension poles
  • Includes 10' telesoping extension pole (retracts to 3')
  • Easy movement along all types of gutters
  • Long-lasting rechargeable Lithium-ion battery
  • Blower motor that generates 120 MPH jet of air


Part Number GC18
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Brand EZsmart

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Gutter maintenance is not a fun task, but the revolutionary EZ Smart Gutter Cleaner allows homeowners to clean gutters easily, quickly, and safely in just minutes! The electric gutter cleaner has a patented design featuring a rechargeable 18-Volt lithium-ion battery-powered motor and a custom case that is specifically engineered to move easily over gutters of all sizes, shapes, materials, and configurations.


The blower’s motor generates a powerful 120+ MPH airspeed, which can efficiently blow out large and small debris such as pine needles, leaves, small twigs, pebbles, and other grit. With a Bump Action On/Off switch, simply attach the gutter cleaner (Product Number: ORP GC18) to any standard extension pole and you can literally clean your home’s gutter system in minutes, without ever stepping on a ladder. The adjustable air nozzle also allows for greater directional output control.


Just be sure to wear safety goggles to prevent debris blowing into your eyes. This gutter cleaner is also versatile enough to be used as a hand-held blower or sweeper when you are not using it to clear out the gutters.