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  • Must Have Equipment For Hosting Outdoor Winter Events

    Hosting social events can be done all year long – even during winter. In fact, outdoor winter parties are some of the most memorable because they happen less frequently. The most important element of any outdoor party in the winter is keeping guests comfortable. As long as your attendees are warm, they will be able to enjoy the festivities, just as they would at any other time of the year. Here is must-have equipment when hosting outdoor winter events to ensure a great time for all your guests: Continue reading

  • Farmer's Almanac - Old vs. New

    Farmer's AlmanacWhen George Washington was president we didn’t have weather apps to tell us what to wear. Back then, readers relied on The Farmer’s Almanac and The Old Farmer’s Almanac for the latest forecast and weather patterns.

    Over 4 million people purchase an almanac each year – are their methods of weather prediction reliable? Read on for a breakdown of the history, methodology, and math behind these two famed almanacs. If you’re not going to rely on a book to keep you warm this winter, curl up next to a heater before diving into this fun infographic.

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  • Winter Craft Projects for the Elderly

    Creativity is not something that disappears with age. Everyone from toddlers to senior citizens can enjoy the process of creating something from scratch. Crafts are particularly important for elderly men and women because it promotes a positive outlook and reduces feelings of anxiety. Craft projects stimulate seniors both cognitively and psychologically. Here are several craft projects for this winter that would be fun both for individuals or big groups of seniors:

    Paint a Memorable Winter Memory – Set up a workstation with a canvas and paint. If possible, have the individual invite a few friends to participate in this project, as well. Ask them to paint a memorable winter experience from any point in their lives. Once they have completed their paintings, have them share the story behind their creation.

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  • Stay Safe Indoors and Outdoors This Winter

    Winter weather is dangerous for individuals in several ways - ice buildup may cause slipping or falling; your property needs just as much maintenance during the cold months as they do during summer to prevent frozen pipes or cracks to the foundation; and reliance on heating systems also pose a hazard. If you haven’t winterized your home yet, it’s not too late.

    Continue to keep your home safe this winter by installing weather stripping, insulation, and storm windows. Insulate water lines that run along exterior walls. Clean your gutters and check them after big snowstorms and thunderstorms to prevent blockage. If you’ve already noticed leaks from the roof, get them fixed as soon as possible.

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  • How to Make a Winter Box for Stray Cats

    Winter is a wonderful time of year when you have the security of warm clothes, a cozy home, and plenty of food. Humans aren’t the only creatures that need food and shelter during the cold winter months. Stray cats have a rough time, especially when temperatures drop below freezing.

    In addition to harsh weather, feral cats are also susceptible to attacks by other animals, diseases, and automobile accidents. If you’ve seen strays near your home, one way to help is by using your handyman skills to create an insulated house for them. Here are steps to build an affordable shelter for these furry creatures within an hour.

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  • Winter Projects for the Weekend Warrior

    Winter is usually a slow time of the year when it comes to projects for weekend warriors. But if you’re ready to keep busy and accomplish some tasks, there are plenty of projects you can complete in the garage, in your workshop, inside the house, and even outside! Below is a list that should keep you occupied until spring rolls around:

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  • Indoor Paint Projects for Kids During Winter

    Investing in paints, brushes, and paper is always a smart idea when it comes to occupying kids. These tools allow them to unleash their creativity, especially during winter days when playing outside is just not an option. Use their finished pieces to decorate the fridge, their bedroom walls, or even framed and displayed in your living room! Here are some fun indoor paint projects for your kids to try this winter:

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  • Celebrate Winter Holidays Outdoors this Year

    Outdoor gatherings don’t need to come to an end with the arrival of winter because your deck or backyard can serve as an entertaining space all year long. By simply ensuring warmth for your guests, and providing great food, drinks, and décor, you can still have great parties, especially during the holiday season.

    The most important element of an outdoor holiday party this winter is heat. If you don’t provide an effective means to keep everyone comfortable, the event may end before it begins. Guests may leave or take solace inside your home instead. Some options to consider include portable patio heaters that come in standing versions, tabletop models, and hanging heaters. Make sure they are dispersed throughout the entire space so guests are not cramped in a small area. Additional warming elements include fire pits and providing blankets, jackets, gloves, hats, and mitten to guests as they arrive.

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  • Tips for Winterizing the Pool

    After you’ve enjoyed the pool for the last time this year, prepare to winterize it for the harsh months ahead. Get all your supplies together to stay on track once you get started. Supplies should include the cover, the water tubes, plugs for the skimmers and return jets, winterizing chemicals, and a powerful vacuum like this Dustless Technologies wet/dry vac. Then proceed with the following:

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  • Prevent A Flooded Basement This Winter

    Safeguard your home from a flooded basement this winter by completing a handful of checks that can be done over the course of a weekend. Heavy snow and rain are threatening to unprotected basements because when the temperature on the ground goes above freezing, the accumulated snow instantly melts. The flow of water can easily seep through cracks and porous surfaces around the house. Just as a drastic change from cold to hot can crack glass, the same thing can happen to your foundation over time, making it weaker and more susceptible to basement floods. Secure your home with the following tips to prevent a flooded basement and an expensive bill this winter.

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