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  • Turn Your Closet into a Home Office

    Looking for an area in your home or apartment for an office? As unlikely as it sounds, a closet can easily be converted into a work or project related space over the course of a weekend. If you’ll be using a working closet, start by clearing it out and repacking your clothes, accessories, and shoes in their new locations. Decide on a look or theme you would like for your office as this will help determine factors such as color, style, and design along the way. Here is a step-by-step method for turning your closet into a home office:

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  • Common DIY Handyman Mistakes

    All handymen make mistakes at some point – it goes with the territory of planning and executing projects around the house. Even as you get more familiar with the tricks of the trade, a mistake every now and then cannot be avoided. Problems with a project can cost you more time and money than you anticipated, which can be discouraging for beginner handymen. Here are some common errors you should be aware of in order to avoid them.

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  • General Steps for Concrete Countertops

    Swapping out your current kitchen countertops for a concrete version is a project that will make your space feel more industrial. Some advantages of concrete countertops include the ability to cast in any shape, create custom edge details, resistance to high heat, and improved appearance with age. This advanced handyman project will need to be done over the course of a few weekends because of the time required for curing, but will save you money compared to granite or marble countertops. It will also be a great conversation starter at your next party. Below are the general guidelines on how to build concrete countertops:

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  • Bathroom Sanitation for Business Owners

    As a business owner, bathroom sanitation is an extension of your reputation. For example, in a healthcare or restaurant facility, an orderly and clean restroom makes customers feel comfortable. If the opposite is true, however, customers may not return. Dirty bathrooms give organizations a bad name, as candid reviews are likely to be posted on social media sites.

    A well-maintained space can help increase customer loyalty, frequency of visits, and overall satisfaction. A clean restroom comes down to staff training. Here are tips that will make bathroom sanitation more efficient in your place of business:

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  • Unexpected Uses for Your Autumn Leaf Blower

    Instead of manually raking and picking up falling leaves this autumn, save hours by investing in a high-quality gas blower. This commercial grade Tanaka leaf blower will do the job in much less time so you can spend weekends and evenings doing the things you really want to do. No need to feel guilty about using it for just a few months of the year because there are many unexpected uses for your leaf blower all year long.

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  • Clever Ways to Reuse Autumn Leaves

    The transformation of leaves from green to golden is a visually stunning element of the change from summer to fall. While observing the process is something everyone can appreciate, raking up and bagging loads of leaves is not exactly the most exciting way to spend weekends. But there are many clever ways to reuse fall leaves that make them a helpful and fun tool – for both kids and adults.

    Weekend warriors who enjoy gardening and landscaping can prepare this year’s fall leaves for use in the garden next spring, while children can utilize them for creative arts and crafts projects. Gather them with the EZ Leaf Hauler, which can collect large batches of leaves, holds up to five times more than a wheelbarrow, and requires zero lifting. Then reuse them in one of these clever ways:

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  • Flipping A Football Field 101

    Before the first touchdown, before kickoff, in fact even before the first fan enters the stadium, the game has already begun. Maintaining the sports stadiums that host the 32 teams of the NFL football league is a full-time sport all its own.

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  • Buddy Heater Featured on Green Global Travel

    The Buddy Heater by Mr. Heater was featured in the 2016 fall edition of Best Outdoor Supplies for Autumn as tested by Green Global Travel. Be sure to check out their overview of this indispensable cold weather camping product today!

    Buddy Heater by Mr. Heater MH9BX Buddy Heater makes the list by Green Global Travel's review team
  • Tips for Maintaining Your Household Plumbing

    Keeping your household drains in top shape can save you hundreds of dollars in plumbing bills. Whether you are a homeowner or tenant, having a good understanding of how your plumbing works is helpful in maintaining an efficient system. By changing a few habits, you can prevent the frequency of plumbing problems. The following tips can help weekend warriors prioritize plumbing tasks. It may also be a good idea to review these tips with everyone in the household:

    • Easy DIY plumbing maintenance differs for bathroom and kitchen drains. For cleaning drains in the bathroom, pour in at least one tablespoon of table salt followed by ¼ cup of vinegar. Let this mixture sit for about one hour. Run hot water to clear out all residual substances. Repeat for even better results.
    • In the kitchen, grease build-up can be addressed with liquid dish detergent and plenty of boiling water. Squirt a generous amount of dish liquid directly into your kitchen drain. Slowly pour a pot of boiling water into the drain. This method works because the boiling water melts grease deposits while the detergent dissolves the grease and oil. If buildup in your kitchen sink is bad, repeat this process 2-3 times.kitchen plumbing
    • It helps to pour boiling hot water down kitchen and bathroom sinks on a weekly basis. If this is too inconvenient, try for twice a month.
    • Cover drain openings with a grate to prevent hair, food pieces, and grease from clogging the pipes. Replace old or torn grates.
    • Make a habit of checking faucets and pipes for rust or damage. If it’s time for an upgrade, consider lead-free pipe options, as they are corrosion resistant.
    • Check your hot water tank at least once every six months. The average lifespan of a tank is 12 years, though they usually begin to have leaks or other problems well before.
    • Handle small problems with a few basic tools that can be purchased from EquipSupply.com. A plunger, a pipe wrench, and a sewer snake will allow you to tackle dripping faucets, clogged drains, and blocked toilets with relative ease.
    • In the winter, insulate exposed pipes in the garage or other crawl spaces to prevent freezing.
    • Switch to biodegradable products to shield your pipes from harsh chemicals.
  • Creative Ways to Use Holiday Decorations After the New Year

    Decorations and holiday supplies can sometimes cost a small fortune. Once the holidays have passed and all the decorations come down, don’t toss everything in the trash. Use your scraps or untouched items for creative arts and craft projects that can be completed throughout the year. Lights, wrapping paper, bows, and wreaths are just a few of the items that can be repurposed. Below are some fun ways to use your holiday decorations after the New Year.

    Don’t get rid of your dead bulbs. Use the base of an old wreath to create a colorful, bulb-inspired piece to hang on your front door for Valentine’s Day, Easter, or even 4th of July. Another option for bulbs is to dip them in glue, cover them with glitter, and use these sparkly creations as the centerpiece in a clear vase dinner parties.holiday ornaments

    Use holiday cards to create gift tags in the appropriate letter, or in a shape that has special meaning. For example, use an old card to outline the shape of an airplane when giving friends or loved ones a going away present. Holiday cards can also be turned into bookmarks for personal use, to give away as gifts, or donations to charity. Allow your little ones to create their own bookmarks, which they can feel proud of using in their books.

    The holiday season usually means bauble galore. Use these ornaments to create a stunning chandelier to hang over your dining room table or a child’s room. Using leftover ribbon, allow the ornaments to hang dramatically over your chosen location. This is sure to be a conversation starter all year long. Task your kids with choosing colors and stringing baubles for the chandelier.

    Hang white lights behind the curtains in your bedroom to give the room an ethereal vibe. Another easy DIY project is to drill holes into a canvas board and insert holiday lights for a beautiful display. Purchase your drill at EquipSupply.com. Another idea is to insert strings of light into empty wine bottles to create wine bottle lamps. Use them for social events, or give them away as personalized gifts.

    Do not automatically throw away wrapping paper rolls. Use them for storing miscellaneous bows, ribbons, tissue paper, etc. Carefully place your holiday lights inside the tube until next year. Or to make sure the bulbs do not become tangled, wrap the strand around the roll and secure carefully with tape.

    Another classic craft project involves using wrapping paper (either leftover, or received on gifts) to try out different origami techniques. Kids can make cranes, snowflakes, flowers, and other folded decorations.

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