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  1. 5 High-Risk Home Improvement Projects

    When it comes to home improvement projects, safety is one of the most significant concerns. You do not want the risk of you or anyone else on your property getting injured, so paying attention to ensure that all safety measures are in place is essential. We will take a look at 5 high-risk home improvement projects that will require more vigilant attention. Continue reading
  2. 5 Tips for Wearing the Right Safety Gear for Any Project

    With the current surge in construction projects from homes to commercial buildings, the risk of sustaining an injury increases on a daily basis. Although construction trades are constant exercise, there are always risks involved. The use of the right equipment and use of all safety precautions available will benefit the health and safety of all workers involved. Here are 5 Tips for Wearing the Right Safety Gear. Continue reading
  3. 5 Creative Outdoor Event Themes You Should Consider

    Are you planning a themed party? You probably don’t want to do a theme that’s been done over and over, like Hollywood or the carnival. Fortunately, there’s a myriad of potential themes to choose from. Here are 5 creative outdoor event themes to give you place to start your search. Continue reading
  4. 5 Home-Improvement Projects Most Likely to Cause Financial Stress

    Taking on home improvement projects can be a great way to add value to your home, but they can also be stressful and take time as well as money. Stress is compounded when debt enters the picture. When deciding on the kind of projects you want to take on, it is important to know which ones will be the most likely to cause you financial stress. We have the 5 home-improvement projects most likely to cause financial stress below. Continue reading
  5. 5 Reasons Why Safe Distance is an Extremely Important Principle

    Over 4,000 people are killed at work each year and more are injured or contract illnesses due to workplace hazards. Interestingly, something as simple as safe distance between you and another person or object can improve safety in the workspace.  According to Alpert Schreyer, the goal of the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration is to ‘protect workers from known workplace hazards and common on-the-job injuries by requiring certain kinds of equipment and protections.’ Continue reading
  6. Smart Home Technologies - 5 Gadgets and Tech Tools Every New Home Needs

    Homeowners these days are consistently looking for new technology to add another layer of security to their home, to save a little on heating and cooling costs and to make cooking more comfortable and relaxed. Smart home technologies have made it easier keep an eye on what goes in your home (and outside) and have become popular with people the world over. Here are a few smart home technologies that you might find interesting - Continue reading
  7. Home Sweet Home: Trends in the Housing Market Since 1917

    New homes during World War I were usually built in the Prairie or bungalow style with open floorplans off long interior hallways and lots of cross ventilation. As soldiers came home from World War I and the industrial revolution began, trends in housing started to change. Your home may look and feel different from these historical designs, but you can always rely on to provide all of your DIY homeowner tools! Continue reading
  8. Tools For Responsible Car Owners

    Many people believe they can just get into their car and drive.  They believe the car will take care of itself, and if there's a problem, they can always go to the mechanic.  But a car is not only an investment, it is a complex machine that is an integral part of daily life. In reality, it is a good idea to have some familiarity with your vehicle and a rudimentary understanding of some basic mechanics.  Everyone should prepare a toolkit in their car in case of emergencies and understand how to fix small problems and this toolkit can save you a fortune in future repairs and with any accident lawyers.  A well-stocked toolkit may  also help you if you are stranded without a shop in sight. Continue reading
  9. 5 DIY Kitchen Refurb Ideas

    Similar to everything else in our world, homes don't last forever. While some living spaces appreciate, or increase, in value over time due to neighborhoods becoming more desireable to live in or having updated homes nearby, the majority of homes depreciate in residual value over time. To help combat eroding home values, many homeowners engage in home improvement activities highlighting a growing trend in the industry. Continue reading
  10. 5 Tools Every Landlord Needs

    Purchasing and renting homes is a great way for landlords to develop wealth. While profiting from rents will never occur overnight, or in a few years, long-term rentals will almost always turn profits. Every aspiring homeowner thinks that owning their first home will be far better than renting or living in somebody else's home. They are often in for rude awakenings when they find out how difficult regular home repairs can be. This lifestyle is similar for landlords, as they often are required to make repairs themselves, or lose money by contracting handymen to complete them. Here are 5 tools every landlord needs for making necessary repairs themselves. Continue reading

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