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  • Create Added Texture Subhead Through Sponge Painting

    One of the most popular designer modifications you can make when painting a room is to use the sponging technique. Sponging creates dimension and depth that would otherwise not exist on a flat wall. And while sponging is not complicated, it does require advanced Interior Painting proficiency to ensure a quality outcome for your living room, den or kitchen.

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  • Designing With Contrasting Paint Tools

    If you have been painting interior rooms for a while you may want to mix things up and get creative by adding design elements. There are a number of ways to go about this, from painting one wall in an accent color, to smudging to adding geometric shapes. You can even paint old furniture in bold colors to match an opposing accent wall, thereby tying design elements together. Without a doubt, by using “color as a design tool’, vibrant shades can actually serve as Paint Tools to enliven a room. Whichever idea you select from the options suggested below, you will need to prepare properly with appropriate paint supplies, including color samples from the store, and other paint accessories before you begin. Continue reading

  • From Hardwood Floor Restoration

    Sanitation Supply is a big category encompassing a wide variety of products and purposes. One sanitation sub-category is cleaning floors, walls and surfaces that need periodic power cleaning or refurbishment. While this can be a challenge for the intermediate user just starting out, tackling these areas can improve the shine on hardwood floors, prepare them for staining, and make an otherwise dull floor come to life. Continue reading

  • Staining From Scratch

    In today’s Arts & Crafts blog, we will discuss staining a picture frame from scratch for the intermediate craftsperson. You will be using the same basic Hand Tools and construction process to build the frame as those required for crown molding frames. In addition, we will share some tips on using unique wood to make a frame to create a rustic effect. While the same construction tools will be required, you may need to invest in some new shop tools, such as a circular saw or hack saw to obtain the wood you’ll be using to build the frame. Continue reading

  • Upgrading Power Tools

    If you have been serving as your family’s handyman for a while, you may be at a stage where you are either taking on new projects or looking to upgrade your Power Tools inventory, or both. This is particularly true if you want a challenge that requires different kinds of shop tools, even hand tools. What’s more, if the out-of-doors has beckoned you to build a storage shed or start a garden, you may need different kinds of equipment in addition to what you already have. In this blog, we offer suggestions on power tools used for a wide range of outdoor projects to get your ready for your next big adventure. Continue reading

  • Spruce Up Your Walls With Fresh Paint

    Are you tired of drab looking walls that have old, dull colors? Do your walls have a build-up of dirt or grime from children or pets? For those of you looking to save money or, if you want the satisfaction of doing simple home improvement projects yourself, Interior Painting can be easily accomplished once you know how. In fact, once you learn the basic steps involved in interior painting, sprucing up a room with a fresh coat of paint can be fun, as well as economical. All that is required is know-how, essential paint supplies, including ladders, and relevant craft tools to carry out your task. Continue reading

  • Cleaning Floors & Windows

    Whether you are cleaning your own home or starting a small business cleaning commercial space, knowing what kinds of cleaning products to use and how to schedule cleaning activities is important. Scheduling alone can be tricky since the more effective you are at what is known as “maintenance cleaning,” the less arduous heavy cleaning will be. Buying home cleaning supplies may not feel like a big challenge but cleaning supplies for commercial space may require additional research. Continue reading

  • Craft Tools For Picture Framing

    Reasons abound for making your own picture frames—anything from odd sized artwork to an unstoppable creative impulse. Regardless of your reason, this handy resource for the beginner will help get you on your way to a fulfilling picture framing hobby. In no time, you will see that not only is picture framing easier than you think, it also requires minimal investment in Craft Tools, hand tools, and construction supplies to get started. Continue reading

  • Essential Tools For The New Homeowner

    In the introduction to Handyman Help, we discussed the most common items any home handyman should have in their tool box. For the new homeowner, there are additional items to include in your Tool Set, some of which are hand tools and some of which are considered shop tools or even safety equipment. Whatever the category, equipsupply.com has an extensive inventory to choose from. Continue reading

  • Home Interior Painting For Beginners

    In the introduction to painting for beginners, we outlined the basic painting process. In this blog, we will continue with more information about your Home Interior Painting project, as well as provide additional details about paint supplies and paint tools. Understanding the importance of sequential preparation, along with knowing paint and paint brush options will prepare you to become an expert home interior painter in no time. Continue reading

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