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  • Cleaning Floors & Windows

    Whether you are cleaning your own home or starting a small business cleaning commercial space, knowing what kinds of cleaning products to use and how to schedule cleaning activities is important. Scheduling alone can be tricky since the more effective you are at what is known as “maintenance cleaning,” the less arduous heavy cleaning will be. Buying home cleaning supplies may not feel like a big challenge but cleaning supplies for commercial space may require additional research. Continue reading

  • Craft Tools For Picture Framing

    Reasons abound for making your own picture frames—anything from odd sized artwork to an unstoppable creative impulse. Regardless of your reason, this handy resource for the beginner will help get you on your way to a fulfilling picture framing hobby. In no time, you will see that not only is picture framing easier than you think, it also requires minimal investment in Craft Tools, hand tools, and construction supplies to get started. Continue reading

  • Essential Tools For The New Homeowner

    In the introduction to Handyman Help, we discussed the most common items any home handyman should have in their tool box. For the new homeowner, there are additional items to include in your Tool Set, some of which are hand tools and some of which are considered shop tools or even safety equipment. Whatever the category, equipsupply.com has an extensive inventory to choose from. Continue reading

  • Home Interior Painting For Beginners

    In the introduction to painting for beginners, we outlined the basic painting process. In this blog, we will continue with more information about your Home Interior Painting project, as well as provide additional details about paint supplies and paint tools. Understanding the importance of sequential preparation, along with knowing paint and paint brush options will prepare you to become an expert home interior painter in no time. Continue reading

  • June is National Safety Awareness Month [Infographic]

    June's National Safety Awareness Month. What better way to celebrate by debuting our latest infographic, which we have appropriately titled The Calamity of Construction: Preventing Pitfalls in America's Most Dangerous Jobs. Continue reading

  • What’s In Your Toolbox?

    Whether you are a homeowner or just renting, there are times when you need to fix things that break or need repairing around the house. Knowing what hand tools or even simple construction tools you might need is important. Being prepared before something breaks with the right construction supplies could actually prevent a larger problem from occurring, one that could create greater damage down the road. Continue reading

  • A Room With A View

    If you have been painting interior rooms for a while you may want to mix things up and get creative by adding design elements.  There are a number of ways to go about this, from painting one wall in an accent color, to smudging to adding geometric shapes. You can even paint old furniture in bold colors to match an opposing accent wall, thereby tying design elements together.   Without a doubt, by using “color as a design tool’, vibrant shades can actually serve as Paint Tools to enliven a room.  Whichever idea you select from the options suggested below, you will need to prepare properly with appropriate paint supplies, including color samples from the store, and other paint accessories before you begin. Continue reading

  • Develop A Plan of Attack For Spring Cleaning

    Spring cleaning can be a daunting task yet a gratifying one. Getting rid of old junk, cleaning things in hard-to-reach places and otherwise giving a thorough scrub down can be invigorating. You will need a good stock of basic Cleaning Supplies, including detergents and cleansers. You may also need to purchase less frequently used items like carpet cleaner and cleaning accessories such as heavy duty scrub brushes, mops and buckets.

    Besides supplies, there are other elements to consider. Identify items and areas you want to clean, make a list, and create a plan of attack to get your spring cleaning done systematically and without distraction. Once all these preliminary tasks have been completed, you’ll be ready to begin the actual cleaning in earnest.

    Organization Is Everything

    Spring Cleaning Tips | EquipSupply BlogCreating a plan of attack is half the battle. Break your plan down into specific areas of the house, identify items within each area that need cleaning and develop a system to accomplish it all so you can stay on track and motivated throughout the project. Your plan should include a daily schedule with tasks to be completed each day. We recommend cleaning one room at a time completely or, if you prefer, you could organize it by tasks throughout the house.

    Being Prepared With Cleaning Supplies & Accessories

    Check your cupboards and closets to make sure you have all that you need to clean things properly. Supplies can include anything from detergents and carpet cleaner to equipment such as mops, brooms, buckets, dusters and scrub brushes. If you need to order replacement items or upgrade scrub brushes and the like, equipsupply.com has an extensive inventory from which to choose.

    Pace Yourself

    While invigorated initially, first time ‘spring cleaners’ can get distracted by noticing projects not on the original list and stop to include them. It is far better to stick to your original plan and go back to a neglected item at the end than to get off track and not complete what you set out to accomplish. To do this, it is best to work on one area or theme-related activity at a time.

    Getting Rid Of Clutter And Junk

    Getting rid of clutter and old junk is an important part of spring cleaning too. If you do this first, it can save you a lot time. We recommend de-cluttering each room before you begin heavier cleaning. That way, you won’t have to take away trash and unwanted items as you go, it will have been completed before the scrubbing and dusting begins.

    Organize And Store

    While some of the junk and clutter you discover will go straight to the trash, some of it will not. It is likely you will come across items you want to save, file away or store in the attic or garage. Besides making sure you have the proper cleaning supplies, you may also want to invest in storage bins or plastic containers.

    Things To Clean

    Home areas most ‘spring cleaners’ like to dust or scrub include ceiling fans, light fixtures, and to remove cobwebs from corners and window wells and baseboards. You will also want to wash windows, both inside and out, as well as window treatments such as curtains and blinds. In addition, dust pictures and wall hangings neglected throughout the year.

    In the kitchen and bath, remove fan components for a good scrubbing if they have built up dirt and grime. In the kitchen, wash refrigerator shelves and clean the oven and stove top. Also, scrub out cabinets and shelves (after pitching outdated food items.)

    Work With Style

    You may have your own way of choosing what to clean first in a room. If your style works best for you, do it. We suggest, however, using the ‘gravity’ work style, which is to start at the top and end at the bottom. In other words, do ceiling lights and fans, remove cobwebs from crown molding, etc., before moving to picture dusting, upholstery cleaning or shampooing the carpet.

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