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  • Intermediate Arts And Crafts: Building A Hanging Bird Feeder

    If you have already built the simple platform feeder using wood, as an intermediate Arts and Crafts person you may be ready for a bigger challenge. Building a conventional bird house and feeder can provide years of backyard bird watching, not to mention increasing your arts and crafts skills in the process. As your first project, you will need craft tools, additional art and craft supplies and wood to complete this more complex bird house and feeder combination. In fact, you’ll need a bit more for this art Deco project as it has 4 sides to the feeder system as opposed to just 1 or 2. Continue reading

  • Gardening Tips For Beginners: The Mighty Garden Hose

    From the most basic backyard garden to the sublimely sophisticated, knowing what kinds of plants and landscaping tools you’ll need is essential for success.  Chief among all tools, of course, is the mighty Garden Hose, of which equipsupply.com has several to choose from.  Equally important, are elementary gardening tips, which include understanding what plants need, in what mounts, and the kind of environments certain plants should inhabit.

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  • Safety Products For Family Safety Part 1

    Every household should have Safety Products for protection when accident, injury or a natural disaster occurs.  Safety items can include anything from a well stocked first aid kit to safety glasses for the home handyman.  Another kind of safety or emergency item you should have is a working flashlight, complete with extra batteries.  In fact, it is even better to have multiple flashlights of different varieties, from the basic hand held flashlight to a multi-purpose lantern that can cover larger areas of the home or yard in case you lose electricity.

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  • Build A Bird Feeder Out Of Wood Using Craft Tools

    In a previous blog, we discussed different kinds of birdfeeders you might make using ordinary hand tools, woodworking tools and materials—anything from the tube feeder, hopper feeder and platform feeder. While each type of feeder has its own challenges, the easiest feeder to make, by far, is the platform feeder. A wooden platform feeder takes only a few simple Craft Tools, some plywood to create a floor surface the birds can feed on, and some patience for your first project.

    Tools And Materials You Will Need

    Building a Bird Feeder | EquipSupplyThis ‘bare bones’ feeder will bring years of bird-watching enjoyment by using the following tools and materials:

    • Plywood
    • 2 X 4
    • Zinc-plated screws
    • Hand saw or electric saw
    • Nylon cord
    • Drill and small drill bit
    • S-hook.

    Constructing Your Platform Feeder

    Most platform feeders are 12 square inches in size. Using your hand or electric saw, cut the piece of plywood in a 12 X 12 size for the location you plan on hanging your feeder. Next take the 2 X 4 and cut it into small, thin strips with your electric saw, approximately ½ inch in width. The 2 inch height of the 2 X 4 is ideal for creating the lip you will attach around all 4 sides of the plywood to prevent the birdseed from spilling out.

    Now you are ready to attach the edge pieces by driving the zinc-plated screws through the plywood. The reason zinc-plated screws are best since they won’t rust. While you can use conventional screws, zinc-plated screws will last longer and preserve the life of your feeder.

    From your craft tools, take your drill and use the smallest drill bit to make holes at each of the 4 corners of the platform next to the edge pieces. These holes provide 2 important functions. One function is to provide a drainage system so the seed doesn’t get wet or spoiled. A second function is to allow you to thread water-resistant nylon cord to hang the feeder. Now cut 2 equal cord strands that will crisscross each other at opposite and diagonal ends of the feeder so that it will remain flat when hung. Thread the cord through the holes, tying a knot at the bottom ends to hold it. Hang your new platform feeder on a tree branch or post with the S hook. Add bird seed to taste and enjoy the show!

    Platform Feeder Variation

    If you live in a wet or rainy climate like the Pacific Northwest, you may want to forego the plywood bottom and use a thin wire mesh screen instead. Mesh screen will drain water from the birdseed so it lasts longer without spoilage. If you use mesh, simply cut it with wire cutters, stapling all sides of thinly cut strips from the 2 X 4 to create the platform. Thread nylon cord as above and hang with S hook.

  • Light Fixture Parts & Tools For Replacement Part 1

    While replacing that old light fixture is not rocket science, it does require care and the proper tools to do it safely.  After purchasing your new chandelier or sconce, you will need to obtain any needed Light Fixture Parts, procure the right electrician tools from equipsupply.com or an electrical supply outlet, before you begin.

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  • Carving & Staining Custom Frames With Craft Tools

    If you have been making your own picture frames for awhile and are ready for a bigger challenge, you may want to consider craving and staining frames. An intricately carved frame can become a piece of art in and of itself. With patience, a creative design and the proper Craft Tools, you may even develop a skill using advanced woodworking tools that prepare you to carve larger items such as table legs, benches or more. Having the right construction tools will be necessary for furniture, of course. Yet, you can begin building both expertise and equipment by carving your own picture frames first.

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  • Advanced Culling & Organization

    Most storage rooms, sheds or garages at home or in the work place need reorganization and a good cleaning periodically. This typically requires culling unused items, as well as a good scrubbing using reliable Cleaning Supplies to prevent damage of tools and equipment you will keep. In fact, sometimes a storage area can become so dirty that using dust masks is necessary to even begin the sort process. Powerful sanitation supplies will help with subsequent cleaning once you’ve removed unwanted items. But first, developing a good strategy to complete your task is required. Continue reading

  • Craft Tools For Beginner Picture Framing

    In the Arts & Crafts introduction, we discussed how to make picture frames using conventional picture frame molding. In this blog, we will discuss making large or odd size frames from crown molding, a task even beginners can accomplish with the right Craft Tools, tool kit and directions. Practice truly does make perfect when it comes to making your own ‘custom’ frames. Even beginners can develop experience quickly. And, using crown molding will likely be a snap, especially since you will have already gotten comfortable with your hand tools by now.

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  • Create Added Texture Subhead Through Sponge Painting

    One of the most popular designer modifications you can make when painting a room is to use the sponging technique. Sponging creates dimension and depth that would otherwise not exist on a flat wall. And while sponging is not complicated, it does require advanced Interior Painting proficiency to ensure a quality outcome for your living room, den or kitchen.

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  • Designing With Contrasting Paint Tools

    If you have been painting interior rooms for a while you may want to mix things up and get creative by adding design elements. There are a number of ways to go about this, from painting one wall in an accent color, to smudging to adding geometric shapes. You can even paint old furniture in bold colors to match an opposing accent wall, thereby tying design elements together. Without a doubt, by using “color as a design tool’, vibrant shades can actually serve as Paint Tools to enliven a room. Whichever idea you select from the options suggested below, you will need to prepare properly with appropriate paint supplies, including color samples from the store, and other paint accessories before you begin. Continue reading

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