4 DIY Backyard Upgrades

4 DIY Backyard Upgrades

Every year millions of Americans look out on their backyards and mentally commit themselves to finally improving the looks of their yard. The only problem is many people are not quite sure where to start. Here's a handy guide for 4 DIY Backyard Upgrades as a starting point as you find the best place (or places) to start your backyard DIY upgrades.

Use Lighting

Lighting up the backyard for guests or just for the aesthetics is a relatively popular decorative upgrade these days. String lights are perhaps the fastest and most versatile of the popular lighting systems as you can coil the lights around pretty much anything for virtually any effect. You can add a few for aesthetic emphasis, or completely cover the ceiling of a covered patio to provide complete lighting for your backyard.

If you have a fence you may also wish to consider adding solar lighting lights to create a gentle ambiance around your property, or around the plants of your property to add emphasis on them for late night flower viewing, or to illuminate a stone walk path. Be careful to position the lights so they do not disturb any neighbors you may have.

Create a Firepit

Firepits are a great way to upgrade your backyard. They can act as an excellent centerpiece for your yard, as a gathering spot for the family, or for fun cookouts. You can pick up a simple fire pit from the store, but to create an exciting upgrade you should consider a custom pit. You can dig a pit, then get a piece of titanium based on your needs. From Titanium Processing Center, “...titanium plates are available in a thickness range of .1875” to 4”. We can process your cut to size orders by shearing, saw cutting or waterjet cutting.” So you can get a cut of the metal for any of your needs. If you want to make a more practical fire pit, consider adding herbs with the wood to help keep insects away.

Use Plants

This upgrade depends heavily on your climate and soil availability but can result in a fantastic update to your relaxing living space. We spoke before about using plants to build a fence, but there are countless other uses for the plants. You can use vines to provide structural support to pergolas or use bamboo to create your own green patio. Again, be aware of the potential for invasive species. For example, some forms of bamboo are highly invasive, and can create problems in some yards. Still, with careful selection and use, plants are a great way to incorporate a natural beauty to your backyard.

Use Water

A very popular DIY upgrade for a backyard is a pond. You can create one for either just aesthetics, or fill it with fish to create an entertaining backyard experience. You can create a fountain system, or have it just set up a bubbler system to make it look more still. If you have plants, consider setting up a drip irrigation system instead of a spray system to save on water or to improve the aesthetics of your yard.

Overall, spicing up your backyard is a task that you should not be afraid of. There are plenty of fun ideas you can use. Turn your back yard from something nice, into a fun event venue by following these steps and turn your DIY event into a success.

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