Convenient Winter Uses for Portable Heaters

Portable heaters are straightforward appliances that allow users to control the warmth of their own environment. They are a convenient and cost-friendly option when it comes to staying warm in frigid weather. Mobile heaters such as the Mr. Heater Big Buddy Propane heater are also extremely versatile and may be used for various applications across different settings. Here are some convenient winter uses for your portable heater:


  • Special event heating – Hosting a barbeque, birthday party, or celebration in your back yard? Keep your friends and family warm and toasty with the use of your portable heater.
  • Emergency heating – If unpredictable weather knocks off your main power and your family no longer has a main heat source, a battery-operated portable heater will make a huge difference – especially for young children and the elderly.
  • Outdoor meals – Take your heater out on the porch or patio for outdoor dining.
  • Camping – Invest in a tent-safe option to keep you warm on overnight camping trips. They are also useful for individuals or groups that are hiking winter trails for days or weeks at a time. Selecting a model that is small and powerful will come in handy when the only barrier between yourself and freezing temperatures is the tent.
  • Fishing trips – Whether you are sitting on a dock or renting a boat over the weekend, staying warm will help you enjoy your time outdoors. This is especially true for times when you may get wet – either reeling in your catch or due to high waves. Just be sure to read the instructions and position the heater in a safe location.
Convenient Winter Uses for Portable Heaters
  • Construction sites – Your workers will not perform at their best, or at all, if they are threatened with frostbite or other winter ailments. Keep your crew working hard and efficiently by placing powerful portable heaters in various locations. Once you are done with one job, you can use the heater for work at different locations or for personal uses at home.
  • DIY projects – Keeping yourself busy with home and construction projects during the winter is a great idea – except when you are stuck in the cold basement or garage and too cold to concentrate. Invest in a portable heater for your workspace so you can continue to make progress with your projects.
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