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  1. Five Unique Birthday Party Ideas for Teenagers

    Planning a teenager's birthday party can be challenging. Here are five unique birthday party ideas for teenagers of all interests. Continue reading
  2. How to Prepare an Unforgettable Backyard Proposal

    Asking someone to marry you can be a very emotional time. What if the answer is no? What if you pick the wrong ring or you don’t ask in quite the right way? Of course, most people have already had a conversation about the future with the person they want to marry so that they know they are both on the same page. You probably know that the answer is going to be yes. Now, the only thing that you have left to worry about is the actual proposal. One of the most charming, budget-friendly and exciting ways to ask someone to marry you is with a backyard proposal. This allows you to set the exact tone and control nearly every aspect of the moment. With a little help from Mother Nature, and maybe a little from your friends, you can make this a night that everyone involved will remember. Continue reading
  3. 9 Ways to Really Get into the Halloween Spirit

    The scariest and most thrilling night of the year is almost upon us. There are those who carry the spirit of Halloween with them all year long, never letting that creepy flame die. But, if you're one of the people who struggle to get into the Halloween mood, you're in luck. There are nine guaranteed ways to light your black flame candle and really get into the Halloween spirit. Continue reading
  4. Your Guide to Backyard Chickens

    Raising chickens has become more and more popular over the last few years, even with people who live in more urban areas. Chickens can make great pets, or they can be raised for their meat and their eggs. While it may seem daunting at first, raising chickens can be a fun hobby. There are some drawbacks, of course—chickens can definitely make a mess—but in the end, raising a small ball of fluff to a productive, egg-producing hen can be very rewarding. Continue reading
  5. 5 Ways to Finish Off Summer with a Blast

    Image courtesy of Summer is a time for freedom and adventure. It's a time to get lost and find yourself again. The memories made during the summer months are not likely to be forgotten any time soon by any of the people involved. If you plan wisely, there will surely be something to look back on for many years to come. This article focuses on some of the different ways you can finish off summer summer making memories. These activities are great if you want to get out and enjoy yourself and take advantage of many of the events that summer has to offer—whether you’re attending the event or planning it yourself. Here’s a look at EquipSupply’s five favorite ways to finish off the summer with a blast. Continue reading
  6. The EquipSupply Guide to Hosting an Awesome Summer Party

    Need a way to beat the heat? Hosting a spectacular summer party may be the way to go! First, you'll need a list of who to invite. Next, you'll need to decide on the perfect, healthy and fresh menu. Finally, you will want to provide some great entertainment. For all those Do-It-Yourselfers out there, the sky's the limit when it comes to summer fun and Hosting an Awesome Summer Party! Continue reading
  7. 5 Ways to Have a Barefoot Friendly Yard This Summer

    Featured Image courtesy of Courtesy of Minnesota Vein Center Is there anything than running barefoot in the summer? Shoes are optional when the sun is shining down. While being barefoot is so relaxing, it can be a quite painful experience if you do not have a yard that is ready for your bare tootsies. Here are some quick and easy things you can do to have a Barefoot Friendly Yard for your "no shoe" adventures this summer. Continue reading
  8. Your Complete Pool Party Checklist

      Featured Image courtesy of Image Courtesy of St. Louis Corporate Housing Summer isn't complete without having at least one pool party! Whether you are hosting adults, kids, or both, this Pool Party Checklist will ensure that you have the hottest party of the summer that your friends and family want to come over every weekend to enjoy your pool! Continue reading
  9. How To Cater Your Party On A Budget

    So maybe you just got some cool upgrades to your backyard or the weather's particularly impressive that season, and you’re thinking that it’s an excellent time to plan a party to celebrate. We think so too, but there’s bound to be a lot to do. Between the guest list, activities, and decorations that you need to get done, you may not even want to think about catering the party. Today we will share a few tips to help you save money on how to cater your party on a budget and make the process less stressful! Continue reading
  10. 4 DIY Backyard Upgrades

    Every year millions of Americans look out on their backyards and mentally commit themselves to finally improving the looks of their yard. The only problem is many people are not quite sure where to start. Here's a handy guide for 4 DIY Backyard Upgrades as a starting point as you find the best place (or places) to start your backyard DIY upgrades. Continue reading

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