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Archives: November 2017

  1. 5 High-Risk Home Improvement Projects

    When it comes to home improvement projects, safety is one of the most significant concerns. You do not want the risk of you or anyone else on your property getting injured, so paying attention to ensure that all safety measures are in place is essential. We will take a look at 5 high-risk home improvement projects that will require more vigilant attention. Continue reading
  2. 5 Tips for Wearing the Right Safety Gear for Any Project

    With the current surge in construction projects from homes to commercial buildings, the risk of sustaining an injury increases on a daily basis. Although construction trades are constant exercise, there are always risks involved. The use of the right equipment and use of all safety precautions available will benefit the health and safety of all workers involved. Here are 5 Tips for Wearing the Right Safety Gear. Continue reading

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