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Archives: November 2016

  1. 10 Easy Ways to Stay Warm During Your Winter Camping Trip

    10 Easy Ways to Stay Warm During Your Winter Camping Trip
    The excitement of a winter camping trip can turn into fear when you’re out in the open air and realize you haven’t prepared for frigid temperatures. Staying warm outdoors in the winter is a constant challenge because your body gives off so many different sensations that it can be difficult to know exactly what you need to remain safe. You’ll be cold, but then you’ll engage in some sort of activity and start sweating, only to have your body and clothes get damp, which leads to feeling cold. If you’re planning a camping trip this winter, here are ten tips that will allow you to remain comfortable during your time outdoors: Continue reading
  2. Turn Your Closet into a Home Office

    Turn Your Closet into a Home Office
    Looking for an area in your home or apartment for an office? As unlikely as it sounds, a closet can easily be converted into a work or project related space over the course of a weekend. If you’ll be using a working closet, start by clearing it out and repacking your clothes, accessories, and shoes in their new locations. Decide on a look or theme you would like for your office as this will help determine factors such as color, style, and design along the way. Here is a step-by-step method for turning your closet into a home office: Continue reading
  3. Common DIY Handyman Mistakes

    Common DIY Handyman Mistakes
    All handymen make mistakes at some point – it goes with the territory of planning and executing projects around the house. Even as you get more familiar with the tricks of the trade, a mistake every now and then cannot be avoided. Problems with a project can cost you more time and money than you anticipated, which can be discouraging for beginner handymen. Here are some common errors you should be aware of in order to avoid them. Continue reading
  4. General Steps for Concrete Countertops

    General Steps for Concrete Countertops
    Swapping out your current kitchen countertops for a concrete version is a project that will make your space feel more industrial. Some advantages of concrete countertops include the ability to cast in any shape, create custom edge details, resistance to high heat, and improved appearance with age. This advanced handyman project will need to be done over the course of a few weekends because of the time required for curing, but will save you money compared to granite or marble countertops. It will also be a great conversation starter at your next party. Below are the general guidelines on how to build concrete countertops: Continue reading
  5. Bathroom Sanitation for Business Owners

    Bathroom Sanitation for Business Owners
    As a business owner, bathroom sanitation is an extension of your reputation. For example, in a healthcare or restaurant facility, an orderly and clean restroom makes customers feel comfortable. If the opposite is true, however, customers may not return. Dirty bathrooms give organizations a bad name, as candid reviews are likely to be posted on social media sites. A well-maintained space can help increase customer loyalty, frequency of visits, and overall satisfaction. A clean restroom comes down to staff training. Here are tips that will make bathroom sanitation more efficient in your place of business: Continue reading
  6. Unexpected Uses for Your Autumn Leaf Blower

    Unexpected Uses for Your Autumn Leaf Blower
    Instead of manually raking and picking up falling leaves this autumn, save hours by investing in a high-quality gas blower. This commercial grade Tanaka leaf blower will do the job in much less time so you can spend weekends and evenings doing the things you really want to do. No need to feel guilty about using it for just a few months of the year because there are many unexpected uses for your leaf blower all year long. Continue reading
  7. Clever Ways to Reuse Autumn Leaves

    Clever Ways to Reuse Autumn Leaves
    The transformation of leaves from green to golden is a visually stunning element of the change from summer to fall. While observing the process is something everyone can appreciate, raking up and bagging loads of leaves is not exactly the most exciting way to spend weekends. But there are many clever ways to reuse fall leaves that make them a helpful and fun tool – for both kids and adults. Weekend warriors who enjoy gardening and landscaping can prepare this year’s fall leaves for use in the garden next spring, while children can utilize them for creative arts and crafts projects. Gather them with the EZ Leaf Hauler, which can collect large batches of leaves, holds up to five times more than a wheelbarrow, and requires zero lifting. Then reuse them in one of these clever ways: Continue reading

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