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Archives: August 2014

  1. Beginner: Create a Stunning Raised Tree Bed

    When it comes to landscaping, raised beds will make your yard stand out. Raised beds can be done around trees to add extra design flair. This project can be done with the help of children within a few hours. Here are the steps for creating a raised tree bed, along with ideas on different materials that you can use. For...
  2. Intermediate: Preparing the Home for Severe Summer Storms

    With summer upon us, severe weather can strike at any time. Depending on where you live, hurricanes, tornadoes, storms flash floods, or wildfires could be in your future. Before a storm heads your way, there are precautions every homeowner should take to ensure their home and yards are ready. Check the following features of your home to avoid unnecessary damage...
  3. Beginners: How To Create The Best Home Floor Plan

    Choosing a floor plan for your new house or apartment is important because your decision will have an impact on your comfort level at home. Once you’ve selected a plan that works with your lifestyle, furnishing the space is the next challenge. If you are actively looking for a place to rent or buy, we suggest taking a weekend to research various options in plans and furnishings. Continue reading
  4. Introduction to Outdoor Craft Projects

    Participating in outdoor craft projects this season can improve the look of your outdoor space and allow the entire family to have fun together. No need to be an expert with crafting. Newbies can easily build up their experience and confidence in a variety of ways. Here are four projects to try over the course of the next few months...

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