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Archives: May 2014

  1. Intro to Environmental Safety

    Your home is your haven and as such, making the environment as safe as possible is important. There are easy ways to safeguard your home in cases ranging from accidents to burglary. Here are some recommendations you can implement right away:  Do not leave electrical problems unattended. If you notice slight fluctuations, address their cause right away. Switch off electrical...
  2. Advanced: Treating Rodent Infestations

    Rodents may be cute in pictures, but having to confront them in your home and on your property can be a nuisance. Mice and squirrels are the two most common types of rodents that invade personal and yard space. Mice chew through insulation and wiring, carry fleas and diseases, and contaminate food with their feces. Because they breed so easily...
  3. Intermediates: Why Environmentally Friendly Lawn Care is So Important, and Strategies

    A beautiful lawn gives any home a wonderful first impression. But perfectly green, clean, and manicured lawns can do substantial harm to the environment with all the water, fertilizer and mowing that is required. Some figures show that the average American lawn can use more than 20,000 gallons of water each summer. And with 50 million homeowners mowing their lawn...
  4. Beginners: Garden Safety

    It may sound unbelievable to hear that injuries while gardening are quite common! Most injuries are not too serious, but putting out your back, sunburn, and bug bites can be a pain when all you want to do in enjoy your time in your garden. To avoid injury, you can make your garden space safer. If you are in the...
  5. Intro to Lawn and Garden Safety

    Working on the lawn and in the garden is wonderful exercise and can also be a way to relax from the hustle and bustle of a busy week. Lawn and garden projects often require the use of sharp tools, mowers, string trimmers, and potentially hazardous chemicals. According to the American College of Emergency Physicians, each year about 400,000 people are...
  6. Party And Event Supplies

    Today’s concession machines are not the concession machines your parents might remember. These modern marvels far surpass Party and Event Supplies of the past. What’s more, creating a dynamic table display that spotlights a simple chocolate fountain enlivens it, making it even more tempting. Consequently, when ordering Event Supplies for your next theme-driven event, we invite you to create exciting table displays to compliment each food or beverage item you will be serving. After all, dynamic displays can not only attract attention to delicious food and beverages. They can also generate a “wow” factor that outlives the party itself, keeping guests talking for days. Continue reading
  7. Keep Yourself And Others Safe

    When working on any construction project, large or small, it is critical to protect yourself and your workers with certified Personal Safety Equipment. Examples include appropriate head protection such as hard hats, safety glasses, and dust masks. In addition, many jobs require insulated or reinforced gloves, stabilizing ladders, and slip-resistant work boots with steel-plated toes, among other items. On certain building projects additional construction equipment may require reinforced scaffolding and/or body harnesses for further protection to prevent a mishap or fall. In this blog we will discuss basic personal safety equipment, devoting later blogs to construction projects that necessitate restraining gear for more specific circumstances. Continue reading
  8. Weatherproofing The Home

    Poorly sealed windows and doors are the biggest culprits allowing cold air in during the winter months and cool, conditioned air out during the summer. Yet there are some basic steps the home handyman can take to seal leaks properly just by using simple Construction Supplies. All you need are some construction tools such as a caulking gun and caulk to seal up any leaks that may be compromising your efforts to heat or cool your home efficiently. Additional areas that may need leak prevention strategies include base molding, floorboards, electrical outlets, and plumbing areas. In this blog we will share best practices and some effective construction supplies to weatherproof your home and reduce your heating and cooling bills as a result. Continue reading
  9. Let There Be Light!

    Replacing light fixtures that are outdated, broken, or supply insufficient light in a room is easier than one might think. The intermediate to advanced Weekend Warrior can install new light fixtures in a day or more, depending on how many fixtures need to be replaced. All it takes are certain Electrical Parts such as the light fixtures themselves, outlet boxes, 14-2 wiring, electrical pliers, and a voltage meter. Additional items you will need when installing electric equipment may include a saber saw, a knife or stripping tool, a telescoping ladder, mounting screws, and a screwdriver. Continue reading
  10. Building A Coat Rack Bench

    Having already cut your teeth on building a simple coat rack, you may want to put your Electric Tools to further use building a coat rack bench. There are many fine design plans available on the market, some with a flat bench and back wall holding hooks. There are also design kits incorporating a bench seat with a newel post...

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