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Archives: August 2013

  1. Advanced Door Knob & Locks Installation Using Screwdrivers

    Installing a new door knob-lock combination kit may be necessary if all other cleaning, tightening and shimming repairs still won’t allow your door to close or lock properly. After all, it is important to maintain, even improve your home’s security so that your safety and personal effects are not vulnerable. To install a new knob-lock combination, you will likely need both flat head and Phillips Screwdrivers. In addition, precision is essential in replacing your old lock with a new knob-lock combination, so you will also need a measuring tape for accuracy. Continue reading
  2. Re-Installing Door Knobs With Screwdrivers

    In a previous blog we discussed some basic door hardware parts and simple repairs when things go wrong. In this blog, we will examine more steps to take when the combination doorknob and lock mechanisms need greater attention. Again, Screwdrivers such as the Grip 6-in-1 Pro screwdriver and a hammer will be used to restore your worn and possibly dirty doorknob and locking device. In addition, cleaning solvent may be necessary to remove dirt and grime build-up. These techniques can save you time and money from having to buy a new doorknob-lock mechanism, or worse, hiring a locksmith to correct something the intermediate handyman can easily do on his own. Continue reading
  3. Beginning Door Repair Requires Good Screwdrivers

    Like any moving apparatus that has done its job over time, the metal mechanisms can wear down, wear out, become dirty or need replacing. Having a reliable set of Screwdrivers such as the Grip 6-in-1 Pro screwdriver and an effective hammer will be required for basic maintenance and repairs of well-worn hinges and closers. We’ve compiled some general tips on trouble-shooting problem door closings, with strategies to repair or replace key components of your door’s hardware. Continue reading
  4. Simple Repair Tips For The Everyday Auto Driver

    Updated August 2015 Some Auto Repair jobs can be done at home with a little skill, simple instructions and the right shop tools. In fact, replacing a burned out bulb in your vehicle’s headlamp requires the simplest of auto parts: a screwdriver, gloves and a replacement bulb. To change or install a new tire, all you’ll need is a jack, tire iron and tire. Changing your engine air filter requires even fewer tools and will even save you money by performing the maintenance yourself! With the following tips, you can start saving money on basic auto repair for each item below. Continue reading
  5. Installing Freestanding Outdoor Light Posts

    Adding a freestanding light pole to your yard can not only illuminate walkways but also provide an additional landscaping feature in the process. It only takes a bit of ingenuity, an attractive light pole and the necessary lighting parts to complete the task. Electrical Parts you will need include the light post, possible decorative light strings, compatible light fixture parts for the pole design you have chosen, as well as whatever landscaping features needed to set off the free-standing pole you buy. Continue reading
  6. Planting Fruit Trees For The Advanced Gardener - Landscaping Tools

    With several seasons of gardening experience behind you, the advanced gardener longs for bigger challenges. One of them can be growing fruit trees, whether your produce will be for home use or selling it at a fruit stand at the farmer’s market. If you have used heavier landscaping equipment to plant decorative trees previously, you may already have the landscaping tools you will need. Generally, you will be using these gardening tools to plant your fruit trees as well. Continue reading
  7. Plant & Tree Choices For Intermediate Gardening

    Landscaping Equipment used to install plants and trees provide the crowning achievement for any intermediate gardener taking their skills to the next level. There is much to choose from in plant selection, too, as landscape shrubs and plants come in a variety of sizes, shapes, colors, and blooming patterns. Contributing to the effect of any well planned garden space is variety, drawing the eye from low-growing ground cover to mid-size flowering shrubs, trees and ultimately, larger shade trees for dramatic effect. The intermediate gardener will already have a storehouse of gardening equipment to work with, although you may want to purchase additional landscaping tools as required. Continue reading

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