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Archives: July 2013

  1. Basic Home Safety Equipment, Part 2

    In Part 1 of Basic Home Safety, we shared safety product information for the average household, such as the need to have a flash light in major rooms, an adequate first aid kit, and the like. In part 2 of beginning home safety, we will discuss recommended safety gear that protects you while working on larger renovation and building projects—projects requiring the use of electric tools such as saws, or even using a tiller to prepare for your new garden. Continue reading
  2. Advanced Bird House Design & Construction Tools

    A wide variety of bird species from owls to purple martins to swallows use birdhouses when natural cavities are scarce. As an advanced crafter ready to elevate your skills, you need to know specific height requirements for individual species before picking up your Construction Tools to build a pole birdhouse. For example, pine martins will only nest in a cavity 10 to 15 feet off the ground. Your craft tools, specifically your measuring tools, will help you determine if you have the proper landscape for a pole bird tower of this size. Continue reading
  3. Replacing Indoor & Outdoor Light Fixtures With Professional Tools Pt. 2

    Part 1 of installing a replacement light fixture focused on indoor lighting. No less important, of course, is replacing a defective outdoor light fixture. Besides providing a cheery welcome, outdoor lights play an essential safety function for anyone entering the home. As with indoor installation, light fixture parts will need to be acquired, along with any Professional Tools necessary for exterior installation. And while some outdoor fixtures come with light bulbs, some don’t. If the fixture you selected is missing lighting parts such as bulbs, be sure and pick them up before beginning your project. Continue reading
  4. Staking Your First Garden Landscaping Project For Beginners

    Garden Landscaping can be a very exciting project, turning a portion of your backyard into a produce-bearing vegetable plot. Of course you’ll need to determine where you want it situated, how much space to use and what fruits and vegetables you want to grow. Garden landscaping of this magnitude requires garden tools such as hoes, shovels, claws, a tiller, and seeds and starter plants to begin. Continue reading
  5. Intermediate Arts And Crafts: Building A Hanging Bird Feeder

    If you have already built the simple platform feeder using wood, as an intermediate Arts and Crafts person you may be ready for a bigger challenge. Building a conventional bird house and feeder can provide years of backyard bird watching, not to mention increasing your arts and crafts skills in the process. As your first project, you will need craft tools, additional art and craft supplies and wood to complete this more complex bird house and feeder combination. In fact, you’ll need a bit more for this art Deco project as it has 4 sides to the feeder system as opposed to just 1 or 2. Continue reading
  6. Gardening Tips For Beginners: The Mighty Garden Hose

    From the most basic backyard garden to the sublimely sophisticated, knowing what kinds of plants and landscaping tools you’ll need is essential for success.  Chief among all tools, of course, is the mighty Garden Hose, of which has several to choose from.  Equally important, are elementary gardening tips, which include understanding what plants need, in what mounts, and the kind of environments certain plants should inhabit. Continue reading
  7. Safety Products For Family Safety Part 1

    Every household should have Safety Products for protection when accident, injury or a natural disaster occurs.  Safety items can include anything from a well stocked first aid kit to safety glasses for the home handyman.  Another kind of safety or emergency item you should have is a working flashlight, complete with extra batteries.  In fact, it is even better to have multiple flashlights of different varieties, from the basic hand held flashlight to a multi-purpose lantern that can cover larger areas of the home or yard in case you lose electricity. Continue reading
  8. Build A Bird Feeder Out Of Wood Using Craft Tools

    In a previous blog, we discussed different kinds of birdfeeders you might make using ordinary hand tools, woodworking tools and materials—anything from the tube feeder, hopper feeder and platform feeder. While each type of feeder has its own challenges, the easiest feeder to make, by far, is the platform feeder. A wooden platform feeder takes only a few simple Craft...
  9. Light Fixture Parts & Tools For Replacement Part 1

    While replacing that old light fixture is not rocket science, it does require care and the proper tools to do it safely.  After purchasing your new chandelier or sconce, you will need to obtain any needed Light Fixture Parts, procure the right electrician tools from or an electrical supply outlet, before you begin. Continue reading
  10. Carving & Staining Custom Frames With Craft Tools

    If you have been making your own picture frames for awhile and are ready for a bigger challenge, you may want to consider craving and staining frames. An intricately carved frame can become a piece of art in and of itself. With patience, a creative design and the proper Craft Tools, you may even develop a skill using advanced woodworking tools that prepare you to carve larger items such as table legs, benches or more. Having the right construction tools will be necessary for furniture, of course. Yet, you can begin building both expertise and equipment by carving your own picture frames first. Continue reading

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