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  1. How to Prepare an Unforgettable Backyard Proposal

    Asking someone to marry you can be a very emotional time. What if the answer is no? What if you pick the wrong ring or you don’t ask in quite the right way? Of course, most people have already had a conversation about the future with the person they want to marry so that they know they are both on the same page. You probably know that the answer is going to be yes. Now, the only thing that you have left to worry about is the actual proposal. One of the most charming, budget-friendly and exciting ways to ask someone to marry you is with a backyard proposal. This allows you to set the exact tone and control nearly every aspect of the moment. With a little help from Mother Nature, and maybe a little from your friends, you can make this a night that everyone involved will remember. Continue reading
  2. How to Host a Themed Party for Adults

    Having the kids around for parties can be a lot of fun, but sometimes the adults need an opportunity to let their hair down without having to worry about the children. For these occasions, if you have kids, hire a babysitter, and have a great time with your adult friends at a themed party. How do you throw a themed party for adults only? They're not that different from any other party except for a few things. Here's how to throw a great one. Continue reading
  3. 9 Ways to Really Get into the Halloween Spirit

    The scariest and most thrilling night of the year is almost upon us. There are those who carry the spirit of Halloween with them all year long, never letting that creepy flame die. But, if you're one of the people who struggle to get into the Halloween mood, you're in luck. There are nine guaranteed ways to light your black flame candle and really get into the Halloween spirit. Continue reading
  4. Your Guide to Backyard Chickens

    Raising chickens has become more and more popular over the last few years, even with people who live in more urban areas. Chickens can make great pets, or they can be raised for their meat and their eggs. While it may seem daunting at first, raising chickens can be a fun hobby. There are some drawbacks, of course—chickens can definitely make a mess—but in the end, raising a small ball of fluff to a productive, egg-producing hen can be very rewarding. Continue reading
  5. Prep Your House for Christmas with These Fun Decor Ideas

    Looking for the perfect ideas for decorating your home for the Christmas holiday? Look no further. Here are some fantastic and fun ideas that you can implement to Prep Your House for Christmas and give your home a warm and cheerful look during this season. Continue reading
  6. 5 DIY Projects to Turn Your Bathroom Into Spa

    The bathroom is one of the most intimate places within your home. It is a place not just for cleaning and washing, but also for relaxation of the spirit, mind, and body. Who doesn't enjoy unwinding in a hot bathtub after a long week at work? However, your alone time may not be very calming while surrounded by plain white walls. The bathroom is your sanctuary, so don't be afraid to experiment and create a personal atmosphere that is your paradise. There are a plethora of tutorials designed to guide you how to make new additions to your bathroom or even add a unique twist to an old, beloved item. From painting beautiful walls to changing out all the fixtures, here are 5 DIY projects to turn your bathroom into a spa! Continue reading
  7. 5 DIY Home Decor Ideas for a Modern Rustic House

    In today's digital age, sometimes it's nice to have a cozy, rustic escape without having to head for the hills! Modern rustic decor can turn your home into just such a retreat, and you won't even have to hire a contractor to achieve it. Check out these five DIY modern rustic house Home decor ideas for bringing a touch of rustic class to your home. Continue reading
  8. 4 Tips To Become Your Own Handyman

    Let's face it. When you live in this world, things are going to break down. The roof is going to leak, and your computer will shut down for no reason. If you are always counting on others to take care of these problems for you, it is going to start getting pretty expensive. This is why it's a great idea to become your own handyman. While this can seem like it is pretty overwhelming to learn how to be a handyman, it will be easy if you learn step by step. Continue reading
  9. 5 Things to Focus on When Rebuilding Your Junker

    Image source: Clunker Junker If you have an older car that you would like to fix up, then you could be feeling overwhelmed by the whole process. Why not start with these focus tasks for rebuilding your junker and you're sure to see that things go more smoothly than you thought they would. Continue reading
  10. How to Childproof Your Home Inside and Out

    Image courtesy of image archive If you have toddlers, then you know the types of dangers that you are constantly trying to keep them away from. Simple things, such as stairs, window wells, and household cleaners, become areas of concern for parents. You can't take your eyes off a young child for a second because, in just a few seconds, you might turn around and see your toddler about to take a drink of a poisonous chemical or fall down a flight of stairs. If you're looking for ideas to put your mind at ease, read on and find out how to childproof your home inside and out. Continue reading

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