113818-01 Tank Connector With O-Ring

113818-01 Tank Connector With O-Ring

(Has a Check Valve In It)

Part Number: NAT 6252NR

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Product Description
Additional Information


  • POL Tank Connector
  • Contains Safety Check Valve
  • Attaches to Regulator and Propane Tank
  • O-Ring on Nose


Part Number 6252NR
Size N/A
Product Condition New
Brand Scheu Company

Additional Information

The NAT 6252NR tank connector or P.O.L. from equipsupply.com has many previous part numbers and they are as follows; 113818-01, 113818 01, 11381801, 1248, 34351, 5334001, 6252, 6252NR, G1630, 16433, 6433, G1629, 147777, 5334003, G1690, G1690LP, 6433NR, 113791-01, P3200, P-3200, LPA4020, 26433, 11379101. The 6252NR tank connector with O-Ring and check valve attaches to the regulator and propane tank. Since the NAT 6252NR POL fitting has the check valve (shutoff valve, excess flow valve) in it this will shut off the flow of fuel to the unit if there is a cut or rupture of the gas supply hose. The O-ring on the NAT 6252NR and/or 113818-01 from equipsupply.com helps to maintain a tight seal inside of the valve.

  • POL tank connector
  • Contains a safety check valve
  • Attaches to the regulator and propane tank
  • Comes with a O-Ring
  • ¼” POL

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