102001-30, Motor
  • 102001-30

102001-30, Motor

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Fits Desa brands: Master, Reddy, Remington torpedo and salamander type kerosene forced air heaters

The DES 102001-30 is the replacement motor for your 110K to 165K Btu H.S.I.  Desa forced air oil fired heater that fits Desa brands; Master, Reddy & Remington torpedo and salamander type kerosene H.S. I. oil fired heaters.  The Desa brand oil fired heaters that have a glow bar could be some of the following model numbers:  R110C, R115C, B115C, R110CT, REM115CT, R165C, RM155CT, REM165C, SB115CT, B110CT, UK155, R165D, B165T,UK165M, PK165T, RM110DT, TK110Tand R155DT. So if the motor is no longer usable, and you are in need of a replacement motor for a 110K to 165K Btu Desa Brand torpedo and salamander type kerosene forced air oil fired heater that has a glow bar, also know as a HSI, remember equipsupply.com can help.  So what are you waiting for?  Start your motors and race over to equipsupply.com today!



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DES 102001-30

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  • Weight: 5.5 lbs.

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102001-21 , 103493-01 , DES 102001-21 , 106800-01 , 102001-31 , 102001-33 , 10200133 , 71625195M , 21935 , 7162-6105M , 71626105M , 7162-5195M , 10200130 , 103493 01 , 102001 30 , 22965 , 1102001 31 , 102001 31

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