10" Grinding Head 10 Segments by Virginia Abrasives
  • 425-04252

10" Grinding Head 10 Segments by Virginia Abrasives

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Fits Edco 10" Floor Grinder

Equipsupply.com carries many of the top performing products from Virginia Abrasives for DIY and construction workers to complete the job in a short amount of time.  The MTC 425-04254 soft concrete floor grinding head for general purpose grinding from equipsupply.com comes with a diamond abrasive, and is 10” x 5/8” with 10 segments.  This high speed floor grinding head MTC 425-04254 from equipsupply.com can be used on soft concrete with general purpose applications.  So when the need is for diamond abrasive premium 10 segmented grinding head for soft concrete to use with a turbo floor grinder know that equipsupply.com has the MTC 425-04254 in stock and ready to ship. 

  • 425-04255 – 10” x 5/8”, 20 Segments for Soft Concrete
  • 425-04253 – 10” X 5/8”, 20 Segments for Hard Concrete
  • 425-04252 – 10” x 5/8”, 10 Segments for Hard Concrete
  • 56900 – 10” Turbo Grinder

Equipsupply.com has the right tool with professional quality, and the best performance possible for all your applications

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MTC 425-04254



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  • Weight: 11.39 lbs.

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