Atlas Copco Cobra Pro
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Atlas Copco Cobra Pro

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1-1/8" Chuck, Gasoline Powered

Need to break concrete, cut asphalt, tamping blast, and other wide range of applications all without the need for power packs or cables? Then you need the Atlas Copco Cobra Pro 1-1/8” PTL 8318070041 gasoline powered breaker hammer from This 8318070041 Cobra Pro breaker hammer is the hardest hitting breaker on the market. Its unique patented design the Cobra Pro 8318070041 is an efficient gas powered drill/breaker hammer which gives extremely low vibrations, and an easy maintenance and service. So when you need to dig fencepost holes, cut asphalt, drive tent stakes, and even tamp the ground remember the Cobra Pro gasoline powered breaker hammer 8318070041 from!

  • Designed for medium to heavy demolition
  • Cutting asphalt
  • Tamping and compacting
  • Driving spikes, tubes, poles, ground rods and probes
  • Digging ditches and holes hitting - 45 foot pounds performance
  • Gasoline powered
  • EPA 1 approved.

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PTL 8318070041

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  • Product Information:
    • The Cobra Pro Drill/Breaker Is Designed To Be Efficient, Gas-Powered Tool That Digs Fencepost Holes, Cuts Asphalt, Drives Tent Stakes And Even Tamps Ground
    • Designed For Medium To Heavy Demolition Of Material Such As Concrete And Asphalt
    • Delivers 44ft.-lbs. Of Impact Energy At Its Tool Tip
    • Redesigned And Trimmed Silencer With Catalytic Element And Improved Heat Shield
    • Redesigned And Improved Tank Cap For Better Regulation Of Tank Pressure
  • Weight: 55.0 lbs.
  • Brand: Atlas Copco
  • Condition: New

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