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Tables, Chairs & Covers

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Even at the most fun-filled school carnival or holiday party, people want to relax in a comfortable chair and eat from solid and attractive tables.  Here at equipsupply.com we offer a tremendous selection of Tables For Events and Chairs For Events, along with the other serving items you will need to make your special day complete.  Our chairs for parties are as low as $20 and tables for parties as low as $70, with our lightweight quick folding model.

Further, we have a great inventory of Fill & Chill tables for parties that come in black or white, with extensions, inserts and covers.   We even offer a sneeze guard for your guests’ protection and skirting that hides table legs, while also facilitating out-of-site storage.


Tables for Events

Tables come in five, six or eight foot sizes, are lightweight and easy to set up and take down.  They come with white or gray tops and are constructed with tough blow-molded plastic, complete with durable gray flecked matching legs. 


We also sell a 60 inch round light weight table for those times when your space cannot accommodate long rectangular shapes.  Our round tables for parties also make excellent game tables.


To dress up your tables for events, we have a colorful selection of custom fit covers.  Options include red and white gingham, solid red, royal blue or white.


Chairs for Events

To match your colorful custom fit table cover, equipsupply offers lightweight and stackable premium chairs.  Again, you can choose from red, white, royal blue, black or gray. 


Our folding chair dolly makes for rapid tear down and clean-up once the party is over.  The dolly comes on wheels for easy maneuvering.

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