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Measuring, Marking & Striping Tools

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Measuring and Marking Tools

We’ve all heard the term, “Measure twice, cut once.” You’ve only got one shot at cutting a piece of wood, so it’s important to know you have the right measurements. has top-grade and a tremendous selection of marking tools and measuring tools for many uses.  Our product buyers have developed a wide inventory of products represented by some of the finest manufacturers serving today’s industrial environments. has a full spectrum of measuring and marking tools to ensure that you do not come up short. These include:

Marking Tools

Carpentry and surveying professionals – as well as homeowners – would be out of luck without the professional tools to mark lumber, property and other important areas. These tools include lumber crayons,carpenter pencils, surveyors flagging tape, plastic marking flags and chalk lines.

Measuring Tools

We carry an excellent product line of frequently used items in and around industrial work environments.  Commonly requested tools and equipment include our 100’ long measuring tape, speed rewind long tape and professional measuring wheels.. When your construction job requires specialty equipment, delivers. 

With a 30-year history providing the construction industry and homeowners with high-quality tools, has developed a reputation for excellence in the industry. For all your marking and measuring tools, has the best products at the most affordable prices.  For further information on individual items, click on the drop down menu for product details.

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