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Landscaping Tools

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Landscaping Tools

Landscaping is a key component of enjoying your home, or keeping your business or other property looking its best. Proper landscaping tools are also important to help protect the property from fire, wind, ice storms, and other natural disasters.

Equipsupply.com offers a complete selection of landscaping tools to help keep your property looking great. Turn to us when you need:

Hole Diggers/Augers

Save time – and your back – by using an auger to dig rather than a manual digger or shovel. If you’re building a fence or deck, planting trees, sampling soil or placing signs around your property, a hole digger or auger can make a big difference. Auger bits vary by application, so shop our selection. Our customer service representatives can also help select the right auger for your needs.

Hand tools and accessories – You want them, we’ve got them.


For a beautiful garden, a tiller is a must. You can find a range of tillers on equipsupply.com.  Create loose, fluffy and finely textured soil.


If there’s one landscaping go-to tool, it’s the wheelbarrow. Haul away yard debris, carry a load of bricks or stones to help build a pathway, deliver bags of cement or give your kids a ride around the yard – there are unlimited uses for a wheelbarrow!

Log splitters  

If you’re a landscape contractor, or even a homeowner, a log splitter can be a very convenient way to turn cut trees into re-usable firewood.

As always, free ground shipping applies to all non-truck orders over $25.

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