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Hand Tools for All Types of Jobs

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Homeowners, business owners and the construction trade can never have too many hand tools ready to take care of the latest emergency.


With a 30-year history of providing high-quality hand tools, equipsupply.com has developed a reputation for excellence in the industry.  Our hand tool categories are broad and manufacturer representation second-to-none.  We carry only the finest in the following hand tool categories:


Snow Rake

In winter weather, nothing is more necessary than a snow rake. When you use our 16-foot snow rake, you can protect your roof from leaks, damage and the potential for costly repairs. For safety’s sake, stay off the roof when you’re raking.  Remember, a little bit of preventative maintenance during the winter months can go a long way to protecting your property.


Snow Pusher

Whether you need to clear your driveway, walkway or sidewalk, you can find the best Seymour snow pusher at equipsupply.com. The lightweight snow pusher features a Black ABS head type, a 12" x 24" head size and a 44" yellow fiberglass handle and a poly D-grip. Keep one at home, one at your business and one in your car.


Bar Tools

Our Seymour forged-steel bars can be used for a variety of situations. From a San Angelo bar to a Digger Tamper Bar to a Pry Bar, we have  quality hand tools that you can rely upon.


Shingle Removal

Roofing is a strenuous and difficult job. Equipsupply.com’s asphalt shingle remover and Seymour roofing spade make quick work of your  roofing job.


As always, free ground shipping applies to all non-truck orders over $25.  It’s  easy to check on the status of your order through our friendly customer service department and web query process.

While shopping at equipsupply.com, check out our clearance items for even more savings.  We list products by discounted price categories starting as low as $10 or less, with some bargains being only $1.  You can’t beat that!

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