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Ladders, Scaffolding and Lifts

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Equipsupply.com has both top grade lightweight and heavy duty Ladders and many styles in between,along with a tremendous selection of the most commonly used shop tools.  Our product buyers have developed a wide inventory of products represented by some of the finest manufacturers serving today’s industrial environments.   We carry items including a wide variety of ladder styles such as telescoping ladders and aluminum ladders to contractor lifts, roust-a-bouts, drywall lifts and scaffolding. 

Ladders Galore

Our ladder inventory is unparalleled in selection choices.  We offer the lightweight and durable Type 1A ultra fiberglass ladder, the Type 1A 17 foot aluminum ladder with tip-and-glide wheels, and the Little Giant Pro ladder for industrial or home use.  Other ladder options include:

·         Little Giant 3-step ladder with up to 300 pound capacity

·         Featherlite heavy duty fiberglass step ladder – comes in 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 12 feet heights and holds up to 300 pound capacity

·         Featherlite heavy duty extension ladder – offered in 16, 20, 24, 28 and 32 feet lengths and holds up to 300 pounds of weight

·         Telescoping ladders – come in 14, 16 and 18 feet range with a 300 pound maximum rating.

Shop tools and other items

We carry an excellent product line of frequently used items in and around industrial work environments.  Commonly requested tools and equipment include knife sharpeners, 7 Mil vinyl electrical tape, magnetic items such as floor sweepers, parts trays, wide mouth bowls and a telescopic pick-up tool.  We also carry blue poly tarps, rubber tarp straps and forearm forklift straps.

When your construction job requires specialty equipment, equipsupply.com delivers.  We carry several models of Sumner contractor lifts, either conventional models or smaller hoisters and stackers.  Additionally, we sell 15, 18 and 25 feet Sumner Roust-A-Bouts, plus Telpro and Sumner drywall lifts.  Finally, we carry numerous scaffolding sizes from 5 to 15 feet, as well as walk boards, rails and casters. 

For all your ladders, shop tools and industrial needs, equipsupply.com has the best products at the most affordable prices.  For further information on individual items, click on the drop down menu for product details.

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