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With a 30 year history providing the construction industry and individual home worker with high quality Power Tools, as well as power tool parts, has developed a reputation for excellence in the industry.  Our tool categories are broad and manufacturer representation second-to-none, selling only the finest in power tools to the building and manufacturing trades in America today.  We carry only the finest in the following power tool categories:

  • Breaker hammers
  • Power cutters and saws
  • Powder-actuated tools
  • Combo kits
  • Power tool parts and accessories
  • Combination hammers
  • Rotary and demolition hammers
  • Grinders
  • Air compressors
  • Stud guns

Some of the many fine manufacturers from the above categories are found in the following list:

  • Makita, Bosch, Chicago, Copco and Penumatic breaker hammers that come in several model options
  • Makita, Bosch and Edco power cutters and saws; model choices range from a 14” cutoff saw to a  Makita 14” power cutter, from an Edco concrete and asphalt saw to a Arbortech brick and mortar saw, from a recipro saw to angle cutters, and more
  • Powder-actuated tools manufactured by Ramset with models in either single shot or semi-automatic capability
  • Combo kits by Bosch come with multiple power tools or power boxes to offer portability and convenience while working on any job site
  • Power tool parts and accessories inventory includes several high quality manufacturers selling a wide array of bits, chisels, spline shank drills, batteries, blades, cutting wheels, grinders and numerous miscellaneous parts (from cylinder baskets to sleeves, bolts, fan assembly to gaskets, pinion gears and brush sets)
  • Combination hammers represented by Bosch, including several rotary or hammer-only models
  • Makita grinders and blades in several styles and models
  • Air compressors by Briggs & Stratton, single or pancake models
  • Stud guns by Ramset at .22 caliber, single shot and trigger operated

Please peruse our inventory of high quality power tools and parts.  You will not be disappointed with the selection.  As always, our customer service department will answer any questions you might have about individual items or direct you to the manufacturer for further information.

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