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If you are in need of an Electrical Product Tester, you have come to the right place.  Equipsupply.com carries several testers for home and commercial use.  These testers can help you determine if minor, intermediate or major leakage is occurring in your electrical tools that could lead to dangerous consequences.  In addition, we carry numerous electrical parts and replacement equipment if it has been shown that your appliances, tools or extension cords demonstrate a significant risk factor.

If you suspect you have AC leakage…

The Sotcher Short Stop Tester is a reliable and effective tool to have around your home or office if you suspect you might have an equipment problem.  This electrical product tester is ideal for testing extension cords, small tools and appliances for AC leakage drawing up to 20 amps.  It serves as a quick and easy way to quantify AC draws or if your item poses a risk factor.  The Sotcher Short Stop helps protect you, and your investment, from danger both physical and financial.

The Short Stop AC Leakage tester is also in our inventory.  It is particularly useful for confirming safety and overall performance capability of power tools operating on 120 volts.  It shows the current drawn and specific leakage amounts ranked within good, marginal or danger levels.  This electrical product tester comes with a built-in extension cord feature and a multi-scale amp meter.  It is especially helpful for tool rental companies and industrial companies using power tools.

Tagging your equipment with confidence…

Equipsupply.com also sells two types of product display tags for equipment you might rent or sell to consumers.  We carry the Sotcher Electrical Equipment tag and the General Purpose tag, both color-coded for easy identification.  Each tag allows your operation to list safety recommendations for usage, as well as essential inspection points that confirm overall quality and customer confidence.  Tags are waterproof and easily attach to all equipment with a quick-snap feature.

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